How To Tell If Your Jeans Fit You Perfectly In 5 moves – Infographic

We are doing everything we can to make finding your perfect jeans as easy and fun as possible. Alongside launching our new range of plus size jeans, we have created this scientific and fun routine for you to try when trying on new jeans to make sure you have that perfect fit! Share your routine on MyGenesMyFit


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How to try on your jeans – a checklist of moves

No more altering your jeans wishing they fit properly. We’ve done the research and come up with moves you can do when trying on your jeans to ensure they fit.

 1. The Booty Check

Obviously, you need to make sure that your jeans make your behind look awesome. Make sure the jeans lift rather than flatten. The seam should be straight down the middle, if it leans to either side then the jeans don’t fit. The pockets should be in the centre of each cheek.

 2. The Shimmy

By running your hands from your waist to your knees you can check the silhouette that the jeans give you. Your outline should be smooth, with no ‘muffin top’ bulge above the jeans. If the jeans wrinkle of the thighs then they don’t fit properly. If the wrinkles face outwards the jeans are too big, and if they face inwards the jeans are too small.

3. The Lotus

Ah, sitting down in jeans. Such fun. If you want to undo the jeans then they are too tight and may cut off your circulation. Can you bend your legs? Is the fly still done up? Do you feel supported and covered at the back and sides?

4. The Side Kick

This is a great move to check your range of movement and to see if the crotch of your new pants is in the right place. It should snugly follow the lines of your body and feel comfortable even when you’re kicking ass.

 5. The Stretch

Flick your ankles up to check your hems. Sure, they might look ok standing still but what happens when you move? Are they meant to be tight, fitted or lose? What shoes will they go with?

6. The Slutdrop

Not sure what a slutdrop is? It ok to google it, it’s not too bad! It’s just a dance move where you drop into a squat as quickly as you can with one arm raised and then pop back up. Use this move to do when trying on your jeans to see if they allow for fast movements and keep you covered at the back when you squat.

7. The Twerk

Another move to check that your jeans will always have your back and not slip down. This also checks the support they are giving you. You should be able to move freely and see a bit of a jiggle. Too much jiggle and the jeans are too loose. Too little and they are too tight.

Remember to use the way you feel in the jeans as the ultimate test. If the jeans make you feel great then you will look great too and provide the perfect cornerstone for any outfit. If they don’t fit then it’s the jeans, and not you – keep looking for your perfect pair of plus size jeans, they’re out there!

How to style your jeans

Once you have found that perfectly fitting pair of jeans, you will be able to style them to achieve the perfect look for any occasion. Check out our infographic below for styling inspiration.



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