The Parent Trap is 20! and we have all the feels…

July is a wonderful month for many reasons but right up there at the top has to be because it’s the month The Parent Trap was first brought into our lives!

It’s been 20 years since the movie first premiered (WE KNOW! MADNESS!!) and over the years we’ve fallen more in love with the film, become more jealous of the amazing jobs both parents have (a wedding designer and a winery owner – could they be any cooler?!), and gotten increasingly frustrated trying to understand the logistics of Lindsey Lohan playing both Annie and Hallie.

Nevertheless, there’s no arguing that The Parent Trap is one of the most incredible things to come out of the 90’s (bold statement but we’re standing our ground) and here are 10 moments which prove it;

When you saw THE handshake for the first time

When you were inspired to take up fencing

When Annie dished out this iconic insult

When Annie pranked Hallie

When Hallie pranked Annie

When both girls pranked Meredith

When Hallie went to work with her mom (and you wished you were Natasha Richardson’s daughter).

When Annie lived it up at her dad’s (and you immediately wanted to pack your bags and move to Napa Valley)

When we saw Martin, in a different light

And finally, the end; where Nick and Elizabeth come to their senses, we fall in love with Hallie’s purple suit and we find out the Concorde gets you from USA to England in half the time


Now if you excuse us, we’re going to go and watch it again, and again… and again.

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