It’s Friday, again already?!

But an added bit of amazing-ness to this particular Friday is that Drake has a new album out – Scorpion.

It’s on heavy rotation here and rightly so. Never one to shy away from saying it how it is, and speaking his mind… He does exactly that throughout this record and to the backdrop of an amazingly produced sound, especially God’s Plan.

Scorpion features unreleased samples of Michael Jackson, to JAY-Z accompanying him on Track 11; Talk Up.

We recommend: 8 Out Of 10.


Melody’s Echo Chamber

‘Bon Voyage’

If you like a psychedelic and 60’s inspired pop sound, then listen to the Melody’s Echo Chamber new album – Bon Voyage.

It’ll add the excitement of a Friday, and a chilled vibe to your Sunday.

We recommend: Cross My Heart.


Arctic Monkeys

‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’

A special mention must go out to the Arctic Monkeys and their effortless, but challenging, record – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It may not be what you want it to be straight away, but it will be eventually.

It’s one that grows on you; the brilliance takes time to adapt to, and take in.

We recommend: Star Treatment.




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