5 podcasts you need to subscribe to

At Simply Be, we love our podcasts. Whether it’s listening to them while we work, while we commute or just while we lounge about on a Sunday afternoon; there’s no denying that a good podcast is about as binge-worthy as a new Netflix series. So, with summer here and tanning season upon us, we’ve shared some of our favourites – perfect for poolside relaxing.

The Beauty One: Fat Mascara

For when you want to want to jump feet first into all things beauty. Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein take all of the knowledge they’ve gained from their day jobs as beauty editors and distil it into factual (and hilarious) podcast episodes.  Covering everything from their fabulous beauty adventures and the products you NEED in your make-up bag, to tips and tricks from industry greats. This is a must for any fellow beauty nerds out there!

The Health, Fitness and Youtube One: The Health Code

A fun, unfiltered and downright hilarious podcast from down-under, The Health Code sees health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah’s Day and professional photographer / Content Creator (and Sarah’s boyfriend) Kurt Tilse open up about their lives, share their healthy hacks, offer career advice and make their listeners laugh out loud with their jokes and catchphrases. #DoYouEvenFasHun?

The #GirlBoss One (that isn’t #Girlboss): How I Built This with Guy Raz

Ever wondered how Starbucks, LinkedIn or Patagonia came about? Well here’s your answer. With How I Built This, journalist and correspondent, Guy Raz dives into the stories (and people) behind some of the world’s biggest companies; from where the idea came from and the setbacks they had, to everything they’ve learnt along the way.

The Fascinating One: Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

In Happy Place, British TV presenter and all round mega babe Fearne Cotton hosts honest and open conversations with a whole host of her celebrity friends. Discussing confidence, mental health and everything along the way, Cotton and her guests share their own experiences, learnings, and ultimately what makes them happy. Get ready to be inspired and start looking at life in a slightly different way!

The OH MY GOD DID HE DO IT? One: Casefile

After a podcast that will keep you on your toes? Each week Casefile deep dives into real life solved AND cold criminal cases; exploring the evidence, unearthing eye witness accounts and digging into what ACTUALLY happened. A must for anyone who loved ‘Making a Murderer’ and Series 1 of ‘Serial’, this podcast might not always guarantee you a definite answer but it does guarantee your commutes will go by in a heartbeat.

I work on Simply Be’s marketing team and contribute to the Simply Me blog, writing about everything from celebrity and fashion, to food and travel. In my free time I can be either found at brunch, learning to surf, researching my next holiday destination, binging a Netflix series or eating Nutella straight from the jar.

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