3 Ways to wear the new Edited by Amber Rose collection

At long last, Edited by Amber Rose is here [SCREAMS]

…and it’s full to the brim of body-con dresses, slinky skirts, flattering leggings, crop tops, sports lux inspired apparel (and the list goes on) – in US sizes 6-32, all cut for KILLER CURVES. But if you think the collection is purely for partying, think again! Not only does Edited by Amber Rose cater for every body shape, it’s also perfect for every wardrobe and every occasion. Here’s three ways to rock one of our favourite pieces, the VINYL PU MIDI SKIRT.























Graphic Tee . Sneakers . Pencil Skirt . Denim Jacket












Body . Pencil Skirt . Boots . Bag










Shirt . Pencil Skirt . Heels 



Shop the collection here!

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