Amber Rose’s Top 10 Feminist Moments

Amber Rose is a powerful lady and she isn’t afraid to make a statement. Amber regularly uses her voice to promote gender equality, discussion and change – and we love her for it! Actor, Author, Model, Advocate, Style Queen, Feminist – the list goes on; Amber can do anything she puts her mind to!

Here we have a look at Amber’s top ten feminist moments:


Of course number one is Amber’s infamous Slut Walks. Slut Walks began after a Toronto Police officer made comments that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”. The comments sparked a backlash and the Slut Walk was born. Slut Walks are for people to come together, show solidarity, respect and equality and make a stand against ignorant comments, insults and judgement.



The Amber Rose Foundation. Amber started up her own foundation to educate, support and empower people on feminist issues, anti-victim-blaming and sexual assault. Amber is truly an entrepreneur and the foundation shows that she is a strong woman, using her platform to promote change.



Amber, friend Blac Chyna, and her crew all wore outfits that shocked at the 2015 VMAs. They wore outfits emblazoned with insults and reclaimed them as their own – therefore invalidating their effect. It was a powerful move that has gone down in VMA history.


Writing a book! Amber’s book ‘How To Be A Bad Bitch’ is a guide to love, life and success. It educates, empowers and entertains – is there anything Amber can’t do?



Women need to support other women and Amber showed this when she put her beef with Kim Kardashian behind her. Amber famously dated Kanye West for almost two years just before he started seeing Kim Kardashian and there is a lot of history there. Kim and Amber had some beef, but handling it like a true lady Amber sat down with Kim, talked it out and they put their issues behind them – ending their chat with this iconic selfie.



Hosting a panel on Larry King where Amber talked about sexual assault, slut shaming and the importance of feminism.



When she pointed out that being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy too!



‘Walk of No Shame’. Amber created this video showing a non-judgemental society. The sketch parodied the usual of judgement surrounding the ‘walk of shame’.



Pointing out the ridiculous double standards applied to men and women. Amber is very vocal in highlighting the inequalities. She pointed out no one refers to Channing Tatum as a former stripper, or Brad Pitt as a former McDonald’s worker, but no matter what she does many news outlets refer to her as a former stripper every time.



Being vulnerable and strong at the same time. At Amber’s first annual Slut Walk she got upset when talking about comments her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and ex Kanye West have made about her. By showing how much comments can hurt she may have discouraged others from making comments like that and her strength to do so in such a public way, compose herself and continue her kick-ass speech? Amazing! We love you Amber – keep doing you!


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