We Pick The Best Plus Size Bikinis & Swimsuits For your Body Shape

We are definitely not fans of categorizing body shapes, but sometimes – just sometimes – it makes life a little simpler. One of these times is shopping for swimwear. Some guidelines can be helpful in maximizing your poolside confidence whether you are pear, apple, rectangle or carrot shaped.

Pear shape is one of the hardest shapes to shop for because of the slim shoulder / smaller bust / generous bottom half situation.

If you are pear shaped you are part of 60% of the female western population, along with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé – lucky you!

If you are looking for plus size swimwear for women of the pear-shaped variety to balance out your top and bottom half, here’s where to start:

Maximize your bust

If you are pear shaped or apple shaped (bigger around the middle) look for padding, ruffles and some extra support up top. Draw attention upwards and out with plunging necklines, thicker straps and light, bright colors and patterns up top.

Off the shoulder swimwear styles are hot right now and is a perfect plus size swimsuit with sleeves option for pear shapes, apple shaped and rectangle shapes.

Click through our gallery for our picks of cute plus size swimwear for pear shapes:

Get waisted

If you don’t have much of a waist then look for waist details, belts, plus size tummy control swimwear or high-waisted bottoms that appear to cinch you in at the middle. There are lots of plus size retro swimwear styles that do this beautifully.

This works well for pear shapes, rectangles and carrot shaped (those with broader shoulders and slim hips).

Apple shapes have slim arms and legs, with a round tummy.  Swimwear with a high leg emphasizes your great legs, and tankinis work well, as do dark colors. If you are feeling bold, cut out swim styles break up your silhouette.

Click through our gallery for our favorite swimsuits for apple shapes.

Swimwear for carrot shapes

Carrot shapes are the opposite of pear shapes. They have broader shoulders, a great bust, slimmer hips and slender legs.

There are lots of plus size swimwear styles that look great on carrot shapes. Halter necks and high necks shape guide the eye to the center of the body. Shorts or skirts balance out your bottom half.

Here’s our top picks for carrot shapes this summer:

Don’t be a square

If you don’t fit into any of the fruit or veg shapes, you might be a rectangle. This shape has equally proportioned shoulders and hips, and a straight line in between, without a rounded tummy or a cinched waist. This means that most swimwear styles look perfect on you.

Swimwear for rectangle shapes ideally creates the illusion of curves, so look for patterns that move the eye around the body, cut-outs and shapes that give you a waist.

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