Everything we know about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Pop star Ariana Grande and SNL comedian/actor Pete Davidson are said to be ‘engaged’. Grab your hats and wedding outfits because judging by their public displays of affection, we are all invited!

Here is everything we know so far…..


March 12th 2016

Ariana & Pete appear on SNL together, exchanging longing looks throughout the show.


Fast forward to – May 10th 2018

Ariana confirmed her split with Mac Miller after 2 years of dating via her Instagram story.


Interestingly on – May 16th 2018

Pete and long-term girlfriend Cazzie break up.

May 25th 2018 – Ariana and Pete go public via Instagram

After much speculation Pete finally went public by dropping an emoji into her comments.


Queue – May 30th 2018

Proving a couple that dresses together stays together. Ariana and Pete showed their love for all things Harry Potter.


The declaration of Love – June 2nd 2018

Pete gets an Ariana inspired tattoo of Bunny ears behind his left ear.


Bringing us to – June 2nd 2018


According to sources Pete brought the ring for $93,000, who could say no to that!






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