Where to go on vacation in June?

June, it’s officially the beginning of Summer.

You may be wondering where to go on vacation, to get your Summer well and truly underway?

We’ve listed a mix of cities that will definitely add to the joy and excitement of sun, travel and adventure in 2018.


Here goes…


Copenhagen, Denmark

As Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen is naturally a populous city. It’s linked to Malmo in southern Sweden by the Öresund Bridge, and is packed with unique foods experiences, districts that are perfect for people watching, gardens and beautiful architecture. We’d recommend Ruby (Cocktail bar), Freetown Christiana (Literally, just go.) and definitely rent a bike.


Pula, Croatia

Set in Istria, the city of Pula has a long-standing penchant for wine making, fishing and shipbuilding. With historic links to Italy, you can look forward to the splendour of many surviving Roman buildings, including its 1st-century amphitheatre.


Cabo, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, to use the full name, is situated on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. With plenty of beaches, outdoor bars and restaurants, the Cabo nightlife is the perfect follow-up to a lazy and beautiful day surrounded by natural archways in sea-cliffs and white sand beaches.


Aspen, Colorado

The year round destination for many outdoor enthusiasts, Aspen is a constant haven and people who literally come for the winter, and end up staying for summer. Four ski mountains allow for a ski-in and ski-out arrangement, then there’s rafting, hiking, biking, rock-climbing, fishing, golf and many other activities that are favoured by people from all over the globe.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A humongous seaside city in Brazil, with a 38m Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Mount Corcovado, surrounded by sprawling favelas and home to carnivals and joyous celebrations. Rio has to be visited at least once in a lifetime.


Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital, full of elegance, history and beautiful parks, Madrid is a must-go and has the perfect climate for the month of June. The largest city in the EU, after London and Berlin, Madrid is the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. All of which add to the attraction and splendour of a city that needs to be visited.


New Delhi, India

The capital of India, and one of the city’s 11 districts, is home to approximately 22 million people. If a bustling mix of people, culture, food and a wealth of colour, architecture and humbleness are your thing, then New Delhi will have you by the heart immediately.


Lisbon, Portugal

A hilly and coastal capital city, Lisbon is lovely on the eye with its pastel-colored buildings, sun-kissed streets and backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. All of which set up for a perfect city break, in a Latin fairy-tale of a location. You won’t be short on rich nightlife, bars and restaurants for day and evening plans, with the perfect climate to match.


Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re taken in by madness and the wonder of vibrant street life, and want to see it for yourself, go to Bangkok. It does not disappoint. Ornate shrines, street food, a market for everything you need, and don’t need but get something anyway, you are in for a positive attack on the senses. Plenty to see, do, eat and go to; Bangkok needs to be on your bucket list, and at the top of your bucket list.


Tuscany, Italy

A region in central Italy, Tuscany is packed with beauty. From Renaissance art, architecture, history, wine, local foods and rich green rolling landscapes, it is a gorgeous place to explore and go on an adventure.

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