Vacation Read Inspiration? 7 Books that will have you hooked

Is there anything better than a lazy day by a pool, or on a beautiful beach, with a book in your hand?

There probably is, but reading in the sunshine is definitely up there with the best of days!

Ahead of a vacation, considering what book(s) to take with you is the exciting part of holiday preparations. You might know exactly what you’ll read on vacation, or you might need a steer on what’s popular and hot right now.

We’ve listed a few books that we know will be great vacation reads, and are hard to put down unless a cocktail, or bite to eat, arrives at your side whilst sunning yourself.

Here goes…


Front cover image of a book called Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts


By Gregory David Roberts

Lin, he’s a wanted man and flees Australia with a false passport and heads to a city where he can disappear amongst the heavily populated and teeming streets, of Bombay.

This book is epic, mesmerizing and filled with romantic love, war and even murder.






Front cover image of a book called I Am Pilgrim written by Terry Hayes

I am Pilgrim

By Terry Hayes

Pilgrim is the code name for a man who simply doesn’t exist. The basics of this debut thriller are of a tortured and damaged hero, who has to race to hunt down a ‘clean-skin’, a unnamed man called Saracen, who has never been known or detected by the world’s intelligence services.

It twists intensely, it thrills from the get-go, and the genius of the finale is a gripping and madly impressive piece of writing.






Front cover image of a book called Need To Know written by Karen Cleveland

Need to Know

By Karen Cleveland

Vivian Miller, she’s a highly-respected CIA analyst, is happily married, and a mother to four children.

Her husband becomes the topic and target of this entire thriller, but how?

It’s a non-stop sprint of a story, delving into family drama, old-school spy tactics and new age counter intelligence. Mr & Mrs Smith, but without the Hollywood bravado and production.






Front cover image of a book called Nine Perfect Strangers written by Liane Moriarty

Nine Perfect Strangers

By Liane Moriarty

Described as a juicy thriller, nine strangers attend Tranquillum House. A health-and-wellness resort, to undergo a healing and transformation retreat.

The resort’s director watches over them, as part of her job at the resort. But how far does her job take her, or does she really need to go, to achieve her goal?







Front cover image of a book called The Perfect Couple written by Elin Hilderbrand

The Perfect Couple

By Elin Hilderbrand

Set in Nantucket, its wedding season on a beautiful island and without any hint of something bad happening.

But, something horrifically bad does happen during the beginning of a lavish wedding. The bride-to-be is discovered dead in the harbour just hours before the ceremony. Everyone becomes an immediate suspect. No couple is perfect, whether at a wedding or about to get married. What happened? How, and who? This is the perfect set up for a vacation whodunit read.






Front cover image of a book called The Outsider written by Stephen King

The Outsider

By Stephen King

Terry Maitland seems like a nice and ordinary person, but in true Stephen King style, this man isn’t very nice at all, to say the least. If horror is your thing, or you want a scare from start to finish… Get this book. Simple.








Front cover image of a book called The Alice Network written by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network

By Kate Quinn

Eve Gardiner becomes a recruited spy, just a year into the Great War. Trained by Lili, the “Queen of spies’” she is one of a huge network of agents placed right under the nose of the enemy.

This is a book that brings together strong characters in a barely believable story of courage and redemption.







Every one of these books is a sure-thing. Honestly, we’d know!


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