Exclusive: A day in the life of Fashion Stylist to the stars

You can’t scan a red carpet without seeing London based stylist Harriet Byczok’s work. She has dressed looks for some of the most up and coming women in the world including Game of thrones star Maisie Williams. Harriet’s styling is fresh, off beat and draws on what looks best on her clients. Simply Be. has sat down with the stylist to find out what a working day looks like for her.



What does a typical day look like for you?


My days vary, I usually spend the morning on emails contacting PR’s with my selects for my clients then running around on PR appointments looking for pieces. I then head back home where my studio is, frantically chasing couriers to make sure all the pieces are arriving on time for my fitting and unpacking bags full of clothes. My favourite part of my day is putting the selected pieces into looks and doing fittings with my clients. Trying on all the amazing pieces and deciding on an outfit for the talent to wear.
When I have a spare few minutes I like to browse through blogs, vogue.com and Instagram for inspirations such as @chicceleb. .
When you pull clothes for someone what does that entail?
I tend to study the client I am about to dress. I want them to look like the best version of themselves so I look at their personal style, meet them in person and get to know them. I then put together a mood board of the types of things I think they should wear and go back and forth with them and their team so I can ensure we are all on the same page before I start requesting looks. I then go to the relevant designers/ PR’s with my requests and a few PR appointments. Designers and PR’s do have a target list of who they want to dress so you don’t always get all the pieces you want or it might be a busy time for them and the pieces aren’t available so I like to make sure I get lots of options. Choosing shoes and accessories is my favourite part as this stops a dress being a dress and makes it an outfit, you can have a lot of fun with accessories.
We see you have been styling for Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones for a long time now, do you have an iconic look when you felt like she was really pushing fashion boundaries but staying true to her style?
When I look through the numerous outfits Maisie and I have put together throughout the years she is always pushing boundaries but staying true to herself. I think the looks we put together are very personal and when she’s on the red carpet nobody is dressed the same as her but she still looks fashionable. One of my favourite looks is what she wore to the Golden Globes in 2017, the bright yellow gown. I love this because she looks so glamorous and right for the dress code but still unique and cool. Fashion is supposed to be fun and I think Maisie and I always have fun with it.

What kind of event do you prefer to style Maisie Williams for?
I love red carpet because its so fun to dress up but casual and press are fun too. With red carpet you pick the dress and most of your styling is with accessories but with casual and press you can mix pieces up a bit more. Go for a skirt and top and jacket, there’s a lot more choice.
What is you must-have fashion item for summer?
I don’t think in trends so much as I style for red carpet but so many designers were re-inventing the belt for spring summer and I think a belt is a great purchase. I try not to accessorise for the sake of it but a good belt can make a plain dress or a pair of jeans look fashionable. A belt can be used daily throughout the summer, over a trench coat or a baggy shirt.


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