20 thoughts we’ve all had at the office

Unfortunately, for all too many of us that much deserved lottery win is out of reach and each morning, instead of basking on a sun lounger in Bali, we have to drag ourselves out of bed and trudge into work. But don’t worry! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Until the $$$ rolls in, find comfort in the fact that people all over the country are living that same struggle, and we all have the same thoughts at the office…
(may we power through to the weekend together).


I will be 100% productive today (after I read this blog post on cat memes).


Sent at 10.03pm? Do these people not have Netflix to watch?

9.07? Are you joking? I thought it was nearly lunch!

Did I leave my straighteners on?

Do I really need to be included in this email thread?

How many snacks can I get away with eating?

Daniel, don’t you even think about opening that window! Great. Now it’s basically like I’m sat in the arctic.

I’m definitely addicted to coffee.

ANOTHER birthday collection?

I wonder if they’ll notice if I shut my eyes during this meeting?

Is 11.13 too early for lunch?

Ooh, treats in the kitchen.

I wonder how many different conversations I have about the weather each day?

Is it the weekend yet?

Wow, passive aggressive much? You know what Sarah, carry on like this and you’re getting a ‘regards’ at the bottom of this email.

I definitely don’t drink enough water.

Well it’s 4.30, no point starting anything new now.

4.41, almost….. 4.51, almost….. 4.51, wait I’m sure 5 minutes had just passed?


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