This is America

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know that Childish Gambino has released the powerful ‘This is America‘ single on May 5th, which has exploded into pop culture accumulating a whopping 135,499,855 views!!


Asked directly what the message behind the video is, Donald Glover mysteriously replied “That’s not for me to say”. The multi-talented Donald Glover, got his big break in Atlanta, a series he created and starred in and his new hit single has been hailed as ‘Great Art which makes you think’. It touches on references to black culture, the Charleston Church shooting and how guns are treated with more respect than the body.

This provocative video is now being rivalled by the notorious YouTuber Nicole Arbour, however to quote the Queen of Pop Madonna ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

Nicole has created the ‘Women’s edit‘ version, through styling the video in the same background and using the lyrics to bring light to women’s experiences in the world.


Although she has faced heavy criticism for her video including trying to ‘align black plight with white feminism’. Nicole insists that her video has been misinterpreted, and that she was trying to ‘honour the spirit of the video which had absolutely moved her’. Nicole insists she is simply ‘highlighting the hardships and experiences women face such as sexual harassment and the glass ceiling’. She even goes on to suggest that everyone should create their own version of the video, to show what life is like from their side.

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