Your 10 Carry-On Skin Saviour Must-Haves!

Cabin pressure, recycled air, air conditioning = dry, dull and breakout-ready skin. No one wants bad skin on holiday – or ever! Here are our top tips and products to combat the negative effects planes can have on your complexion.



First of all and not technically a beauty product, anti-bacterial wipes are great to wipe down the surfaces around you and make sure your hands are clean before you start touching your face. They also don’t count towards your liquids allowance – bonus!


Planes don’t just dry out your skin, they also dry out your hair. Prep for this in advance by treating your hair to a nourishing hair mask or a leave in conditioner before your flight.


As we all know, dryness makes our bodies produce more oil, so don’t forget to have a mini dry shampoo in your carry on to refresh your roots.


You’ll want to start the flight by removing any makeup you already have on so you have a fresh base to apply your skincare. Get some that will be gentle on your skin like these micellar water ones.


Apply a face mask – hear me out! Sheet masks have stormed onto the beauty scene this past year and they are waaaay less effort than a clay or mud mask. If you’re worried about any gloopy residue or dripping, this Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet mask leaves no residue but is seriously moisturising!


Under-eye mask. If wearing a whole face mask on a plane full of strangers makes you feel self-conscious these are a little more conspicuous. Apply these and sit back, relax and de-puff. We like these ‘pack your bags’ ones by Tarte.


You will also want a great moisturiser; you probably already have a favourite that you know works best for your skin. We find that beauty flash balm is a perfect all-rounder. Heavy duty enough to work against plane air, without clogging up your pores.


A face mist is also great if you want something you can spritz on whenever you want a pick-me-up for your skin. This Caudalie beauty Elixir has rave reviews. Rose water also works perfectly to combat dryness and soothe tired skin. Maybe pop to the bathroom to spray these – you don’t want to annoy your fellow passengers!


A BB cream is a perfect product to give you a bit of coverage whilst also moisturising and caring for your skin. Apply one with spf before you arrive to protect your skin from those rays and enhance your complexion. Add some translucent powder and some tinted lip balm and you’ll be looking fresh faced on arrival.


All of these products are going to help you but don’t forget that water is your best friend for keeping your skin hydrated! No matter how much fancy moisturiser you use you can’t beat good old H2o!


Let us know your in-flight beauty tips and tricks in the comments!

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