8 Exotic Wedding Locations.

Looking for inspiration, whether affordable or in dream land?

There’s always a wedding coming up, and in an office environment the subject of location is always a massive talking point. Is it near, or is it far? Need to travel by plane, train or automobile? Have you got your dress yet? There are so many questions overheard, but here are a few ideas of where people wish to, and are, getting married in the next year or two…

Seychelles, East Africa.


An archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, it’s home to many beaches (Talcum powder white sand, we are lead to believe), coral reefs, nature reserves and rare animals to add to the mix.
With stunning vistas, clear turquoise coasts and a warm tropical climate, the Seychelles certainly ticks quite a few boxes.
We don’t, however, know the cost of a wedding here though… Could be quite a big bill.


Castello di Gargonza,Tuscany, Italy.

A 13th Century medieval castle set in the rich green landscape of Tuscany, surrounded by silence, tranquillity and pure relaxation…
Need we say more?
At Castello di Gargonza, wedding packages are available (With a free bar, and BBQ the following day) with full use of the accommodation, restaurant and local activities, all without seriously hurting the pocket. It actually works out cheaper to do everything there, than at home. Always a bonus, if you’re willing to travel en mass.


Turks and Caicos Islands.

Another archipelago, but with only 40 low-lying coral islands for this one. We seem to have an interest in archipelagos in the office here, which isn’t a problem at all! I guess…
Set in the Atlantic Ocean, this British Overseas Territory is a dream location for a wedding. It’s also a haven for celebrity and A-list weddings, as the perfect location to tie the knot. With perfect beachfronts, many acres of landscaped grounds and countryside, and the weather, of course, you are definitely in for a perfect wedding. And perfect wedding photos, of course.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean.


This Southern Caribbean nation comprises of a bigger island (St. Vincent) and a plethora of smaller ones (Grenadines), which all boast their own beautiful private isles, volcanic landscapes and glorious white-sand beaches.
The reef-lined Bequia Island has been overheard as a dream location, one that has been the subject of many Pinterest searches during the wedding planning process!
If you like the idea of a completely barefoot wedding, and honeymoon, then this place should be top of the priority list.





Aruba, a tiny Dutch Caribbean island near Venezuela.


It’s not common to hear, or even know someone, that has been to Aruba.  You can get married here, and in unforgettably bliss surroundings. Set by the Caribbean coast, you can rely on the perfect conditions on a blonde beach front on your big day.
At 20 miles long, and only 6 miles across, it may even feel like your own island.




Saying “I do”, with Mount Etna towering into shot during your wedding day photoshoot?
Toarmina is the perfect choice then, if you’re into magnificent views, passion and the warmth of history and culture added to your wedding day, that is?
And that’s just one idea for a wedding location in Sicily. There are tonnes of others!


St Lucia, East Caribbean.


Another small and intimate island nation, Saint Lucia also has the perfect backdrop for a wedding with the Pitons on its west coast. A pair of dramatically tapered mountains is always an added bit of magic on a beautiful day, and waterfalls, one that pours over a cliff and into a garden.
This island is located very close to Barbados, in case you’d like to make a small journey across the Atlantic Ocean to begin the honeymoon proceedings?
With a motto of “The Land, The People, The Light”, St Lucia is definitely a place to consider as a wedding location.



Santorini, Greece.

One of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a ruggedly volcanic beauty spot. For a panoramic vista that will be remembered for all time, Oia is the place to look into. The climate is generally mild, with pure blue cloud-less skies covering the brilliant white painted houses and landmarks. Oia is home to numerous churches which have been restored, and built, in memory of the town’s sailors.
The sunset is a beautiful spectacle, and would be a perfect match and event to behold before the wedding night takes hold.



There is always Vegas…

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