Bachelorette Parties: Expectation vs Reality

It’s the start of the wedding season and bachelorette parties are filling up everyone diaries. We all get excited for our friends bacharlorette parties when they get engaged but they don’t always end up like the amazing night we had planned. We’re sure you can relate to these expectations vs reality.


Expectation: Everyone will agree on a date and a plan for the day.

Reality: The only date everyone is free is 4 months after the wedding. The bride’s cousin will not participate in any activities which involve dancing, going outside, eating out or drinks.


Expectation: Everyone is will turn up on time and know exactly what the plan for the night is.

Reality: 2 people drop out on the morning of bachelorette party, 4 go to the wrong restaurant and everyone else is late.



Expectation: We are all really excited to celebrate with the bride and her closest friends. We are all going to be besties and have a great time.

Reality: No one has anything in common and the brides sister-in-law-to-be is making it quite clear that she doesn’t want to be here.



Expectation: We are all adults and can split a bill without being petty.

Reality: The brides work friend won’t pay $5 for the shared appetizers as she only had half a piece of bread.


Expectation: Magic Mike.

Reality: Danny DeVito.



Expectation: Sophisticated drinks in the new bar in town chatting to hot guys.

Reality: One girl is being sick in the toilet while another is making out with a very questionable guy.



Expectation: We are all going to stay out all night dancing and having the best time.

Reality: Everyone is thinking about how soon they can escape and take off their heels.

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