Grab your friends and start planning your Summer Road trip now…Here are our Top 2 Movie themed 2018 Ideas


1. A Romantic Drive through the locations of Twighlight 

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Follow the hikes and walk the beaches of the locations where the blossoming romance and friendship between Bella, Edward and Jacob began. See the exact spots in the Northwest of the USA, where Twighlight was filmed, including where the cast ate, fictional homes of the main characters and the exact school.

Here are our highlights below –


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2. An Action Packed Thelma and Louise style Route 66 trip


Grab your best gal pal, car and a map, and run away from your daily life like Thelma and Louise.

Meet the man of your dreams and see some of the most beautiful places in the USA. Walk where Brad Pitt has walked and laugh like Thelma and Louise as they experienced new places and adventures together. From LA to Utah, get involved in this amazing adventure.

Here are our top spots to visit.

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Dress like Thelma and Louise with this key look –






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