5 Times Meghan Was Unroyal And We Loved It!

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has caused a real flurry of excitement over the past few months, and with the wedding only a matter of weeks away, Meghan has been causing quite the stir as she embraces royal life on her own terms. There’s no hiding that the American actress isn’t your traditional royal and she is continuing to prove time and time again that some rules are just meant to be broken… and we are loving her for it!

From bare legs to wedding cakes, here are all the times that have shown us exactly how Meghan Markle has been breaking royal protocol since her whirlwind romance with Prince Harry.

Non-traditional fashion choices

From her infamous messy bun hairstyle to all black outfits, Markle has been anything but traditional when it comes to how she’s chosen to dress. Favouring style over tradition on various occasions, she opted for a sophisticated pant suit by Alexander McQueen for her first formal event with Prince Harry, despite being expected to wear a gown. She even shocked royal followers when she stepped out without nude stockings for the couple’s official engagement photocall, something that members of the royal family are always expected to wear with skirts and dresses.

She’s adding her own personal touches to the wedding

“Marry in May, and rue the day”, a saying popular among the royals in which they believe it is actually very unlucky to get married in the month of May, but obviously Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have taken no notice of this with their big day scheduled on 19th May (EEK!). To switch up the day even more, Meghan Markle is going to be delivering her own speech which is relatively uncommon within any wedding, royal or not, and the couple have also rumored to be opting for a much less traditional lemon and elderflower wedding cake.

She’s not afraid to open up about political views

Markle has not let this new found royalty stop her from viewing her opinions. Despite members of the royal family being strongly discouraged from making political statements, Meghan recently spoke out in support of women at the Royal Foundation Forum. A truly refreshing moment for everyone, to see a royal using their platform to support current issues.

She has spoken about her relationship in the press

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It’s not unprecedented for a royal to take pride on a magazine cover, Kate Middleton also did a Bristish Vogue cover, but Meghan took it that bit further in her Vanity Fair interview as she opened up about her relationship with the Prince and their private life. Royals tend to make public statements about their personal lives only through the Palace, but Markle was not afraid to share their story with the whole world and boy, are we glad she did!

She doesn’t shy away from public appearances

Meghan’s career as an actress could most likely be the reason that she’s so relaxed with crowds. She is happy to interact with members of the public, signing autographs and giving hugs rather than shaking hands, both of which are not the usual recommended actions for a royal to take due to security reasons. She has even been seen to have swapped the classic clutch bag for a more casual cross body bag in a bid to leave her hands free.

She might be breaking tradition, but this royal bride could be exactly the breath of fresh air that the British monarchy needs!

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