How to Save Money for a Summer Vacation

Thinking of going away, or have your trip booked and paid for, but need spending money? Either way, saving for a vacation can be annoying or seen as a chore. It can be easy though, and not too bad on the social side of things. You may be a scramble-together-some-money-nearer-the-time, or 6-12 months before vacation, kind of saver.

Main thing first

Wherever you’re going… Do your research in great detail. Check out the currency, the conversion rates, and how much bang for your buck you can expect. Look into what you can expect things to cost, like food and drinks, day meals and dinner. Then once you know what you can expect, set a daily spend budget, with a good enough buffer to allow for cheap days and an expensive few days for good measure. After all, you’re going on holiday! Once you’re in the know, set a target of money that you want to save, and money that you can put to one side from your pay check. Remember, failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.


Here are a few ways you can make savings, without affecting your social life, too much!

Sell some stuff

eBay, for example, is a great platform to make money and de-clutter your wardrobe(s). Treat your PayPal account as the bank, and keep it separate from your everyday account so you can withdraw all that money in one go, when you go to change your money. And so you don’t spend it!

Money box

Buy a money box that requires a tin-opener to get into it, to stop eager hands. Even one you have to smash to open, it needs to be secure! Each day you get home, and have any silver change, or better still notes, that you know you can get by without, just stick them into your money pot! Another good way to save up a modest lump sum, but without pinching into life too much.

Save your lunch money

Instead of buying lunch every day, make your own lunches. Even make meals at a weekend that will be able to cover 2-4 days, maybe a bit longer. Take advantage of your freezer!

Drop a night out, or two

Is it a big night out, a birthday, a big celebration? Do you really need to go out and spend that $50, on casual drinks or meal? Pick and choose what you can do, and could do without doing, with a more frugal mind set. You’ll definitely see your pay check going a little further that month, and be able to set aside some more adventure credits.

Save your coffee money

Same situation as lunch money, take your own coffee in! Use the facilities at work and cut down on/stop buying coffees from the local Starbucks. Become a full coffee-ssuer, and buy some in bulk from your local supermarket, even a nice flask and cafe tier.

Do some free stuff at the weekends

If you’ve got museums, galleries or national parks nearby, go to them! Save some money on that small shopping spree by seeing what’s out there that you’ve never thought to do, or go and see. Walk somewhere that you would usually drive to, and save that little bit of gas money or taxi fare.

Get fit, by going for a jog or long walk

You don’t have to be housebound when saving up money, there’s the outdoors! It’s free. Get your active wear out of the wardrobe, and get some miles done. You’ll feel great for some exertion, you’re being active so that means you’ll shed an hour (or more) of off your hourglass, and feel great in your bikini. Win. Win. You might find that your weekends feel a little longer, without any drinking fatigue or hung over-ness.

If you can get any of these to work, you’ll definitely find it easier to bank up those adventure credits.  After all, saving up doesn’t have to be too boring or regimental.

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