8 Secrets to staying healthy at a music festival.

It’s that time of year again! Crop tops, floral crowns and sequins…
it’s festival season!

For many people, festival season means three-day weekends of extended boozing, sporadic eating habits, and questionable food choices. The 100+ degree heat combined with alcohol consumption, late nights that turn into early mornings, too many tempting food trucks to name, and a schedule that is far from regimented can make music festivals a healthy eater’s worst nightmare. Throughout festival season (and life in general!), it is important to keep in mind that balance is key. Above all else, you’re at the festival to enjoy yourself, so take steps to do so and allow yourself to experience it any way that you wish.


A week before the festival, go grocery shopping and hit the bulk bins. Bring a bunch of mason jars and reusable cotton bags to load your goodies into. Stock up on items like dried fruit, nuts and oats. These are great because they can withstand extreme temperatures. They also pack in a lot of nutrients with a small punch. When perusing the bulk bins, look for things like raw almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, mulberries, golden raisins, goji berries, coconut chips and medjool dates. You can mix and match these ingredients and make your own sort of trail mix, too!


Each festival has their own set of rules and regulations for taking outside food items onto festival grounds. Lots of campsites do not allow glass on campgrounds, so keep that in mind. Seal everything airtight so it can last for days!


Bring a cooler to store things like juices, fresh fruit and vegetable crudités. The cooler will be helpful for the car ride, the campsite or even the hotel. Hit up your local juice shop and stock up on your favorite juices before you hit the festival — your body will thank you! Also pack things like raw coconut water, apples, grapes, watermelon and hummus!


We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is especially true when you go to a festival. Eat a big breakfast for all three festival days. It may be tempting to skip it all together and to just see where the day takes you, but chances are, you’ll end up famished in the heat and be more likely to reach for something not so good for you. Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort to eat in the morning. If you’re camping, think overnight oats (oats soaked in water/nut milk) with nuts and dried fruit.


I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of water. Water will you give you energy, keep you from getting sick and also stave off heat exhaustion, which is all too common at festivals. Aim to drink between 16-24 oz every hour. Drink more if you choose to drink alcohol. If you do decide to engage in alcohol consumption, try to stick to light refreshing drinks such as white wines.


When you’re on the grounds, keep an eye out for light, fresh and nutrient-dense options. There is a ton of temptation at festivals such as ice creams, tacos and crab fries. While these foods may look delicious, remember that it’s hot and you need to sustain your energy; heavy foods will only weigh you down. Hi up up the coconut stands; Coachella has a lot of them. Lots of festivals are beginning to provide healthier eating options, such as salads, veggie tacos and smoothie stands. Be on the lookout for such options.


Lots of festivals offer free morning yoga classes. DANCE DANCE DANCE! Take advantage of all of the amenities that festivals have to offer and get moving. It’s a great way to meet new people with like-minded goals and headspaces.


Before you arrive, ensure you get the best spot in the area. Close to water supplies and somewhere you can get a good sleep when the music is playing throughout the night.

I work in the International Acquisition Team. When I’m not working, I enjoy eating, yoga and music; I spend my time listening to music and going to see live music. I love getting glittered up and wearing 70’s style disco pants, anything silver and glittery, throw my way.  To relax I like watching box sets and eating lots of chocolate.

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