Why we can’t wait to see Beyoncé at Coachella

Ever since new broke that Beyoncé would be headlining Coachella we have been counting down the days for her performance. Check out the reasons why you need to watch Beyoncé slay at this years Coachella.


One of main reasons we love Beyoncé is her voice. Her range is incredible and she makes the most of it when performing live. She gracefully shoots up and down multiple octaves without seemingly breaking a sweat, watching her ease through the four key changes in Love On Top is amazing. Get ready for some killer runs and riffs and maybe even an a capella song or two.



Beyoncé bring a whole new level to her performances, she is a powerhouse and her stamina is something else.  She performs full out, intricate dance routines and she does it effortlessly and flawlessly in 6 inch heels without dropping a note. It is incredible to watch. Even her strut down the stage is brilliant, she oozes confidence and owns the stage. If only we could all be more Beyoncé.



I don’t know how these wind machines work or how many there are, but there have been concerts were her hair doesn’t stop blowing in the wind for a solid two hours. Even when she rocked that killer braid it never stopped moving.


Beyoncé has come along way since the camo cropped top days of Destiny’s Child.  Her stage look is over the top but she still cool, classy and sexy. With every tour her outfits just get better and we can’t wait to see what she wears at Coachella this year.


Beyoncé has been known to take a break from singing in the middle of her concerts to talk to her audience. She opens herself up and gives inspiring, emotional speeches about self-belief, feminism and achieving your goals. We can’t wait to see if she uses the Coachella stage to deliver another empowering speech.



Every single aspect of Beyoncé’s performances are choreographed to a tee and that includes the lighting and set production. Beyoncé will have to share the stage with other artists during the weekend so there will be some limitations however there is no doubt that her and her team will have worked tirelessly to make sure it looks amazing.



We don’t get your hopes up about Michelle and Kelly turning up for another Destiny’s Child reunion but we are hoping she is at least going to throw some old school Destiny’s Child numbers into her set.


Beyoncé won’t be the only amazing performing on stage this weekend. Her backup dancers are all incredible, they have once of the tightest formations you’ve ever seen. On her Formation tour, Beyoncé also had an amazing band behind her including a killer female bassist.

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