How to Have the Ultimate Spring Break House Party

Not everyone has the means to go on a wild spring break vacation—and that’s totally OK. For the most part, classic, all-inclusive spring break destinations like Punta Cana and South Padre Island are just overcrowded sandboxes filled with sweaty strangers chugging syrupy frozen Daiquiris while trying to cram into a lukewarm swimming pool. You deserve better than that. You deserve an epic party, free of watered down beer and sunburnt close-talkers—one that you and your friends will be reminiscing about for years to come. Good news, you can throw said party yourself, no plane tickets needed. So button up your finest tropical shirt, dust off the punch bowl and get the beats bumping, because this is how to throw the ultimate spring break bash.

The Clothes

spring break spring break

Now it is spring break after all so not many items of clothes are required, but you definitely will need the essentials of swimwear, cover ups and sandals. Mix and match bright colors and bold prints, with textures like fringing and denim, there really are no rules, as long as you feel confident!

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The Food and Drink

spring break spring break

If you’re hosting a spring break party for all your nearest and dearest then you’re going to want to impress them with your, ahem, culinary skills. You can’t beat mini party food and heating something in the oven definitely counts as cooking. Everyone loves a punch so mix it up early and ask your friend sot bring their choice of tipple to top it up throughout the party when it starts to run dry.

The Party Games

spring break spring break

No party is complete without a fun game or two, so invest in those big red cups for a classic game of beer pong, make your own photo booth with props, play the family favorite Jenga or even break out the bingo.

The Dancefloor and Music

Now every great party needs a space where you can bust out your favorite moves and dance til the sun goes down. So make way for an indoor dance floor by moving furniture and those expensive vase’ you don’t want your friends to drink out of. Take it old school and grab a disco light or two for ultimate cheesy dancing all night long.

The Pool

spring break spring break

If you happen to be blessed with the gift of a pool at your pad, then now is the perfect time to make full use of it. Get your pals to bring the biggest and best, colorful inflatables, not forgetting those mini one’s that hold your drink whilst you ‘swim’, for an epic spring break pool party.

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