How to prep your feet for sandals

Winter is finally over and it’s time to get your feet sandal ready. Before you slip into those new wedges or embellished mules, make sure that your feet have been fully prepped and there isn’t a dry heel in sight. We have put together the ultimate sandal prep guide to get your feet looking and feeling sandal-ready.


Deep clean your feet in a tub of water with a few drops of tea tree oil or few drops of olive oil for extra moisturization. Rub your feet with a cloth and soap taking care to also clean the spaces between your toes as dirt and dry skin can linger. Get into a routine and treat yourself to a soak a couple of times a week and your feet will thank you for it.


Exfoliation is a key part of the getting your feet sandal ready. Everyone’s skin is different so work out is best for your feet and get to work. The most effective methods for getting rid of dry skin are using a pumice stone, a foot scrub or exfoliating cream. Again getting into a regular routine and exfoliating a few times a week will give you the best results.


After you have exfoliated the next step is to buff away hard skin; it is generally only the heel and ball of your feet which will require this step if you are exfoliating well. Use a coarse foot file or pumice stone on the hard skin making sure you always file in one direction and do it on clean, dry skin.


The skin on our feet is up to ten times thicker than the rest of our body skin so it requires a more intensive moisturising routine. Get into the habit of moisturizing your feet after every shower with a rich foot cream; look for foot creams that contain Urea as it is a key ingredient for breaking down hard skin. Moisturise along the top and bottom of your feet but avoid the skin between the toes to prevent bacteria growing. For an extra moisture boost apply Vaseline over your feet before bed and cover with socks to wake up with super smooth and soft feet.


 Keeping your cuticles in check will make your home pedicures look salon worthy. Apply a cuticle remover roughly every two to three weeks to soften them before gently pushing back the cuticle. This will make your nails look longer and healthier. Gently trim any hanging skin with cuticle clippers however take care not to cut your cuticles as this can lead to infection. To keep your cuticles soft and supple use cuticle oil a few times a week to keep them moisturized.


Now your feet are prepped it is time for the finishing touch. Your toes are a great place to try new bold colors and have fun experimenting with creative nail art. Apply a base coat to make sure your nails don’t discolor, especially when you using dark or bright colors. If you suffer from chipped toenail polish wipe your nails with nail polish remover before re-painting to remove any oils that may cause varnish to chip quicker.

Now your feet are sandal ready it’s time to find a new pair of sandals. Check out our top sandal picks for spring

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