What is the Perfect Prom Dress For You?

Vogue called this year’s fashion trends ‘feel good fashion’ and, as usual, they were right. In 2018 the key trends are all made to party in and have fun with. If it can be embellished, it is and if you want it to shimmer, it can.

This prom season, if you want to go to the ball, you shall.

Gone are the days when fashion trends took a few seasons to filter down into prom dress styles. Today’s Insta generation expects trends to step straight off of the catwalk and onto the high school dance floor. Here’s a rundown of the top 2018 plus size prom dresses trends. Keep reading to take our quiz to help you find your perfect style.

Illusion prom dresses

Trending high this prom season is the illusion dress, with sheer panels. It gives the look and lines of a plunging neckline or back, commanding attention without revealing too much. Instead of exposing inches of skin, the illusion panel covers the area with a fine mesh. Illusion panels are usually found around low or high necklines, or can be added to turn a short skirt into a long skirt, while still showing some leg. Illusion prom dresses suit those with an ample bust as they show off your assets while looking classy.

Two-piece prom dresses

two-piece-plus size-prom-dress-simply-be-blog

Fashionistas are expressing themselves by mixing and matching their formal wear with this trend. Creating a unique look also helps protect you from the ultimate prom no-no of showing up in the same outfit as someone else! A formal top can also be worn later with jeans. Two-piece dresses look perfect on those with curvy hips and a shapely waist.

Embellished prom dress


2018 fashion is fabulous and made to enjoy. Shimmer like a superstar in a sequin gown or a gold fringed dress. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and be a trend-setter. Embellishments make a great statement and also draw the eye to where you want it.

Off the shoulder prom dress


Last year was the year of the cold shoulder prom dress. 2O18 prom dress trends take this a step further with a range of OTS dresses, from big ruffles to classic Bardot styles, with or without sleeves. This style helps balance out pear shapes.

2018 prom dress colors

Rose gold and powder blue are very popular this year, adding a modern twist on antique colors. These will suit you if you have a cool skin tone. Burgundy is this year’s take on the classic red prom dress trend and perfect for you if you have a warm skin tone.

What style prom dress suits your body shape?


Here at SB we love being on trend. But what we love most is seeing you girls wearing our clothes because they make you feel great and look gorgeous. Feeling confident on prom night is the most important thing.

Prom dresses for pear shaped figures: If you’re blessed with a booty and defined waistline, and are narrower on top, a-line skirts will show off your shapely waist and curves. You can carry off high or low necks and off the shoulder styles will balance out your slim shoulders. Two pieces will look fabulous on you.

Prom dresses for apple shaped figures: Apple shapes are rounder in the middle, with a larger bust and broader shoulders with slimmer arms and legs. This shape has many aspects to show off with the latest trends. Maximise your bust with plunging necklines. Slim arms and legs mean shorter skirts and no need to cover up with sleeves. Choose styles that draw attention away from your middle and focus on your assets.

  •  Empire line dresses
  •  Full skirts
  •  Illusion panels

Prom dresses for rectangle shaped figures: Your hips, waist and shoulders are in line so you can use the latest trends to create whichever silhouette you want. One-shoulder and fishtail dresses will look great on you and add great shape. Avoid square necklines and use embellishment to draw the eye around the body.

  •  Asymmetric necklines and hems
  •  Fishtail skirts
  •  Embellishment and fringing

Prom dresses for hour glass figures: Your shoulders and hips are in proportion and your waist curves beautifully. Two-piece prom dresses are made for you, as is any dress that shows off your waist. Most necklines suit you, so try a plunging illusion dress or an off the shoulder look.

  •  A-line skirts
  •  Wrap dresses
  •  Illusion dresses

Prom dresses for triangle shaped figures: Also known as busty, your best asset is your top half. Show this off with plunging necklines. You have slim hips but you can create shape with a full a-line or fishtail dress. Avoid short skirts which can make you look top heavy, and off the shoulder tops which broaden you on top.

  •  Maxi dresses
  •  Full skirts
  •  Illusion panels

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