How The Irish Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

We caught up with our colleagues over at Simply Be Ireland to see how the Irish really celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day…

The annual day to be Irish has arrived and as tradition Ireland will celebrate in style to mark Saint Patrick’s Day. A day of color and Irish folklore will begin early morning and be carried through to the wee hours of the next day.

Before we talk about the celebrations, our favorite bit, here’s a quick history lesson. Saint Patrick was a fifth-century, Christian missionary known as the “Apostle of Ireland” and was the founder of Christianity in Ireland. Legend has it that Patrick was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland. He looked after animals for six years before escaping and returning back to Ireland with his family. It is said that it was Saint Patrick that chased the snakes out of Ireland and banished them from the lands. Thanks to Patrick we have no slithery friends!

Saint Patrick’s Day has grown from being a home land celebration to a global extravaganza with many iconic buildings “Going Green” in support of the Irish and their national day. Celebrations have grown year after year with a designated team created specifically for the St. Patrick’s festival which now runs over five days.








Today (March 17th) Ireland’s capital, Dublin will grind to a halt and the streets will fill with hundreds of thousands of excited visitors to watch the historic Saint Patrick’s Day parade. This year the parade theme is “Home is where the heart is” and magnificent creations, floats and flamboyant performances inspired by all things home, will weave their way through the streets of the capital in spectacular fashion. Festival parade swirls in all its glory and cheer along with hundreds of thousands of onlookers will create an atmosphere at the Festival parade that will be something special to remember.








Game of Thrones star, Liam Cunningham will lead the cast of thousands of home-grown and international musicians, dancers, storytellers and performers through the capital with the Guest of Honor and Grand Marshall Luke Skywalker, aka Mark Hamill enjoying the show with the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins. Celebrations around the country, in towns and cities will continue to air various shows of color, dance and historic storytelling as the Irish celebrate what it truly means to be from the land of Poets and Scholars. From a population of just 4.7 million in Ireland, on St. Patrick’s Day we grow to become the population of the world and that my friends is the “Irish Way”.

Thanks to Michelle Molloy for guest writing this post and Happy St Patrick’s to all!

Let us know how you’re celebrating St Patrick’s day this year in the comments below.

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