Activewear – Are You Working It?

It’s official, looking good when you work out actually makes you more likely to exercise and also makes you perform better once you’ve started too!

The science behind this is called “enclothed cognition” or the proven fact that what you wear affects how you perform. The symbolic meaning of your clothes and the physical experience of wearing them combines to help you behave like the ‘sort of person’ who would typically wear those clothes.

An experiment in 2012* showed that people performed better at a task requiring attentiveness and carefulness when wearing a doctor’s lab coat than they did when wearing normal clothes. It follows logic that someone wearing an outfit befitting a top fitness instructor would outperform someone wearing everyday clothes when it comes to exercise. They will be physically and mentally prepared to succeed.

Nobel Prize winning writer, Isaac B. Singer got it right:


So if you’ve been hitting the gym in an old pair of loose trousers and baggy t-shirt, looking like you’re ready for bed (we’ve all done it) this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit that fits well and looks good. We don’t need a scientist to tell us that having a brand-new outfit that we feel great in will motivate us to exercise more!

It’s not just you, other people will feel differently about your abilities too if you dress the part. So, if you are new to the gym or just beginning your fitness journey – why not fake it ‘til you make it and dress like a pro.

Susan Rudnicki, licensed psychologist and former personal trainer said:

“I see girls who look the part and I think “They must be really good. They have their life together.” I’m a former instructor and even I feel that.”

Looking the part will only work if you physically feel good too, so your activewear needs to fit perfectly. Some fitness wear brands have come under fire recently for only going upto a size 12, and rightly so! Plus size fashion brands are making sure that plus size activewear is getting the attention it deserves right now.

Women of all sizes need activewear that feels great while working out. Brands that don’t offer this are falling behind the times. There is a misconception that activewear on either end of the size spectrum will be unfashionable or expensive. Here at Simply Be we have worked hard to find the sweet spot of fashionable, size agnostic activewear at a fantastic price.

Women’s Activewear Style Ideas

There is an increasing amount of trendy plus size activewear fashion and fashion, and shoppers are snapping it up. The fashion press has been alight with plus size models showcasing these ranges, and social media has amplified the trend. Now is the time to enjoy the wide range of options.

Susan Rudnicki said:

‘I’ve seen clients that waited to get nice clothes because they’re heavy.’ Rudnicki says. ‘Don’t wait to get nice clothes. You’re allowed to feel good now, and that will help you exercise more.’

Get it right

So, you’re in the right place to find your perfect outfit for exercise, but wait – what pants do you need for yoga? What sport is a racer-back top actually designed for? Getting kitted out properly can feel like a minefield of decisions.

So, which clothes are best for which activity?


You want activewear that moves with your body and doesn’t ride up when you’re acing a downward dog or shoulder stand. These activewear leggings are perfect.


They won’t slide up your legs and the thick, high waistband provides coverage and support when
Bending. A close fitting top will stay in place when you move.


Let’s face it – running is all about the sports bra. Once you find a good sports bra the rest of your outfit just has to be comfortable and look great. This one is fashionable enough to be worn on its own and will work as hard as you do.


If you prefer to run outdoors, layers are a good idea. This lightweight performance hoodie is on trend, has a pocket for your keys and phone and is also made from dri fit fabric which keeps you cool and wicks moisture away from your skin.

Gym Session

Whether you are lifting weights, rowing or doing a HIIT class you will need to move in many different ways and a racer back top gives a great range of flexibility. This racer back top keeps you dry and the mesh panel strip looks fierce!


Close fitting activewear leggings will work best with gym equipment. Cropped leggings like these are super stylish, sit comfortably up on your waist and are designed to keep you dry. Plus size leggings are designed to stay put at the waist and taper to the ankle.


Dance Class

Here’s your chance to really express yourself! No gym equipment and (hopefully) no upside down positions mean you can wear baggier clothes. These loose fitting trousers look great and let you move freely.



Choose from a wide range of fabulous footwear and enjoy every step of your dance session. We love these!


How do you style your athleisure? Let us know in the comments below.

*Adam, H., & Galinsky, A.D., Enclothed cognition, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2012)

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