Alternative Spring Break Plans 2018

Don’t fancy going along to the obvious Spring Break locations this year? Why not try one of these alternatives?



Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland with tonnes of history, a wealth of food choices and of course Irish bars! Let yourself be immersed into the Irish lifestyle, have a dance, a drink and a wander (not in that order!)


Build a house

Why not give something back to the community and help build a family house with Habitat for Humanity There are locations to volunteer all over the world!


Volunteer Locally

You don’t need to travel abroad to make a difference – most charitable organizations are constantly in need of reliable and hard-working volunteers. Do some research in your local are and see what you can do to help.



Have your own Spring Break

If you want to avoid the crowds why not get together a group of friends (the ones that you really like), some food and drinks and head to a quiet beach or even someone’s house to do exactly what you want to do!


New York

NYC is starting to warm up again and spring is in the air. Hang out in central park in the day and head to the bar scene at night. Who doesn’t love NYC?!


Where are you heading for Spring Break? Let us know in the comments below!

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