How To Prep For Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about that all important spring break prep. Whether you’re going to Miami, Mexico, or just poolside at Mom and Dad’s, soak up the sun this spring break with these helpful countdown tips to your vacation. From beauty tips, to essentials you need to pack for spring break, we have all the handy info to help you plan.

1 Month To Go

Time to get that skin glowing for your vacation and 1 months notice is the perfect amount of time to let your skin know it needs to get in shape. Try drinking at least 3 litres of water a day to keep that skin hydrated and your insides healthy. If you aren’t already, why not take a vitamin supplement to make sure your immune system is ready to take on spring break. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep too, check out our tips for a healthy vacation here. If you want a little color, a self-tanning lotion mixed in with your morning moisturizer will gradually build up to give you a natural look so you don’t glow like a neon light when you get down step onto the beach. Now is also the time to book those waxes and let those bad boys grow, no one wants a nasty shaving rash.

You don’t need to do a crash diet or start baking yourself in a tanning bed, in fact we’d highly recommend not doing either of those unhealthy things. Instead, try hitting the gym or taking a new fitness class with friends in the next four weeks, like dance or swimming. Check out the five new fitness trends of 2018 here. Swap out your morning doughnut for a piece of fresh fruit, and you’ll find yourself having way more energy for those late night parties!

2 Weeks To Go

Two weeks is the perfect time to prep your hair for spring break. Are you changing the color? Do it now, to avoid any last minute hair dye disasters – we’ve all been there. Two weeks is also the perfect amount of time for the new color to settle into your hair. Keep it hydrated with a nourishing mask in the lead up to your vacation, salty water, chlorine and sun are seriously drying, so take care of your hair now, check out more hair care tips here. Why not also trial some new hairstyles for when you’re away? Braids and flowers are always a good combo.

1 Week To Go

Now’s the time to think about what to pack for spring break, giving you plenty of time to pick up anything you may have forgotten before departing. You’re likely going to be spending most of the day in swimwear anyway, so toss in a couple suits over your skinny jeans or leather jacket. One or two nice dresses are good in case you decide to eat out, but for the most part, cotton sundresses will do the trick and are easy to throw on after a long day in the sun. Two pairs of sandals: one dressy, one casual, are all that you’ll need, plus those all important shades. Don’t forget the essentials like sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner, which are often overpriced in vacation areas. When it comes to makeup, less is more when you’re on vacation a little coverup, some lip balm, and a light mascara will keep you looking beachy, fresh, and fantastic. Check out more vacation packing tips here.


2 Days To Go

Time to get the instant tan on if you’re looking for a deeper glow, giving you enough time to fix any mistakes with a lemon bath. Finalize your suitcase, get the wax and get excited, you’re going on spring break!

24 Hours To Go

Relax, everything should be in place for tomorrow’s departure. Make sure your travelling outfit is laid out and any travel documents are to hand. Have an early night, with a bath and a face mask, you won’t be sleeping much for the next few days, so pack in those Z’s now!

Where are you heading off to on spring break this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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