Valentine’s Day: Expectations vs. Reality

Every year, you build up Valentine’s Day in your head like it’s going to be this beyond romantic day filled with moments that could literally be their own movie. And then every year, you’re sorely disappointed. And yet, no matter how many times you’re bitterly underwhelmed by the reality of Valentine’s Day, you still think this year is going to be the year.

We’ve put together the classic Valentine’s Day expectations vs. reality to put your mind at ease that you’re not the only one.

Valentine’s Countdown

Expectation: You do not care about Valentine’s, you’re a strong independent woman.

Reality: You care. You really care. So much so you’re counting down the days and when the day comes, are bitterly disappointed when you don’t get even the hint of a card.


Expectation: You and all your besties will have the most epic Galentine’s Day ever. You’ll spend the night together baking, having a dance party in your room, and watching romantic movies starring all your celeb crushes.

Reality: You’re the only single one in your friend group who doesn’t have a date, so you’re stuck alone at home while your friends have a romantic dinner for themselves. Ewww.

Valentine’s Presents

Expectation: You agree not to buy your other half a present and instead both settle to just get each other a card.

Reality: They ignore said rule and surprise you with flowers, cards, chocolates and unicorns. Now you feel bad.

Valentine’s Meal In

Expectation: You will enjoy a romantic candle lit meal, which you cooked together and emulate Lady and the Tramp.

Reality: You burn everything, get a takeaway and it’s just like any other night in.

Valentine’s Meal Out

Expectation: You’ll rely on your partner to reserve a quiet table in that expensive restaurant that’s usually fully booked for months.

Reality: Said partner forgets to book and you end up at In N Out burger with all the other couples who forgot to communicate.

Valentine’s Flowers

Expectation: You get home after a long day at work expecting red roses to adorn every inch of your house and cover the bed.

Reality: If you’re lucky, there’s a very sad bunch of carnations on deaths door, with clearance price on from the local gas station. True love.

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