The 7 stages of a relationship

1. The exciting stage

This is when you’re completely infatuated. Thoughts like ‘Oh my god, he is so PERFECT!’ cross your mind 50 times a day and you can’t see your friends without gushing about how lucky you are. You just hope that he never finds out how much time you’ve spent stalking his social media.

2. The comfortable stage

Life is great, your other half no longer has to ask you what you want when ordering your food, you don’t have to pretend to like things just to impress him and you can go makeup free without a care in the world. He knows what annoys you and also the little things that cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood.

3. The too comfortable stage

Suddenly his jokes aren’t that funny and the things you would never dream of doing in front of him now don’t really seem to bother either of you. The deep conversations turn into to do lists and nagging. Your lives have started to merge together but this makes you start to miss your independence.

4. The doubts

Trying to impress each other becomes a thing of the past and you can’t remember the last time you had a date night. You realize that your life plans aren’t in sync and have regular doubts that your relationship isn’t going to work long term.

5. The breakup

The feelings you’ve had over the last few months eventually result in a break up. You could see it coming but you didn’t realize just how heartbroken you’d be. You cry for a week and then come to the conclusion that you can’t live without each other.

6. Getting back together

Time apart really makes you appreciate what you had. This time round you know you’ll put up with every single one of his annoying habits because you really can’t live without each other. All it takes is a long meaningful chat about what will make you both happier in the relationship and what you want for the future.

7. Marriage

Congratulations! You’ve stuck together through the good and the bad and realize that you’re soulmates. As long as you both carry on making the effort and plenty of time together then you can make the honeymoon phase last forever!

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