National Pizza Day 18.

ATTENTION pizza lovers – today is National Pizza Day, meaning you can indulge in your favorite mouth-watering slices to celebrate.

New York Fashion Week is in full-swing and all you babes must be HUNGRY after walking from show to show.
Simply Me has rounded up the sweet spots for pizza in New York.

“I’m a pizzaterian… you know, when you only eat pizza…”


di fara pizza

Old-school pizza shop that’s worth the wait
Using mainly imported ingredients, Di Fara’s pies come with an old-fashioned and simple sauce that’s probably the best in the city, made with San Marzano tomatoes and topped with a blend of Grana Padano, mozzarella, and Parmesan, plus a touch of basil. The no-frills Midwood spot sees an almost constant line out the door, but if you care about pizza you’ll make the trek, and take the wait in stride.



Juliana's PizzaLight and airy pies, with a shorter wait than Grimaldi’s 
Patsy Grimaldi’s Juliana’s — a rival of the adjacent Grimaldi’s, which he no longer owns — offers pies that seem nearly identical to its rival, but offer something entirely different. Juliana’s pizza is light and airy, with fresh and rich flavors from its sauce and cheese. It also helps that the line isn’t nearly as long.



Sottocasa pizzaThe perfect (weekend-only) burrata pizza 
This friendly neighborhood spot seems to achieve the impossible: a crust that’s not too thick and not too thin, with just the perfect amount of char. There’s a bevy of options to choose from, but if you come Friday-Sunday, always get the burrata (it’s only offered then). Any other night, go with the Laura: mozzarella, mascarpone, rosemary, and bacon-like speck.



emily pizza

The city’s most Instagrammed pizza
Creative and colorful pies like the Lady Girl (ricotta, havarti, mushrooms, pickled chili) and the North Maple (havarti, mozzarella, Benton’s bacon, pecans, maple syrup) set Emily apart from the modern-day pizza shop competition. As a bonus, at the West Village location, you’ll find both round and square pies (like the ones from sister shop Emmy Squared).



Best Pizza white pie

Standing room-only pizzeria with a great white pie 
Jokes about the name’s poor SEO aside, this Williamsburg pizza shop from Roberta’s alum Frank Pinello truly is one of the city’s best, with a few different pie options and heroes in a largely standing room-only storefront.The no-frills shop has one of the best white pies in the city.


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