InStyle Editor: Tips On How To Survive NYFW

We asked Editor at InStyle, LaShauna Williams her Tips on how to survive NYFW:

‘It’s true – Fashion Week can be a lot of fun. You get to view next season’s collections, catch up with old colleagues and friends, and sometimes even meet the designer to discuss their inspirations and how they bring their vision to the runway. It’s like a nonstop fashion extravaganza, and the schedule is packed!’


Shows run back-to-back, “re-sees” get scheduled, and market appointments pop up, there are a few key items you’ll want to make sure you have with you to keep pace without missing a step. First thing’s first, have a pair of black flats in your bag (and hopefully a large tote)! These will be your best friend while walking (or running) from show to show. Sure, those heels are perfect for Instagram and sitting down at the shows, but don’t forget to show your feet some love. That tote bag should also be filled with a bottle of water, a light snack (think: nuts or an energy bar), and of course a phone charger. With all the photos you’re sure to take, you’ll need it! To make the day easier, I also like to carry a printed copy of my schedule for the day – what can I say? I’m old school, and not having to swipe through my phone makes my life so much easier.

Also helpful: plan out where you’ll be a familiarize yourself with places to grab a quick bite or take a seat.  As the day progresses and you continue to run around, try to remember to take those key few seconds for yourself!

International Acquisition Executive/Fashion, Beauty and Food enthusiast! I spend most of my time browsing online shopping websites or over-indulging in high-calorie foods (and guilty of instagramming pics of them afterwards). I also have a serious obsession with searching for the dreamy holiday destinations (Manchester really isn’t that sunny) and I aspire to go travelling.

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