What to do on Valentine’s Day without breaking the Bank

A great date with a loved one doesn’t have to cost a fortune, after all spending time together is what Valentine’s Day is all about. We have pulled together a list of affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas that won’t break the bank so can spend more money on shoes.


Trying to get a reservation at the best restaurant in town on Valentine’s Day isn’t easy and then when you do get a reservation you will be wedged in next to another couple as you all ‘enjoy’ the $100 Valentine’s set menu. Staying in and cooking a meal together will be much more romantic and enjoyable, let alone cheaper. Make is special by recreating your favorite restaurant dinner or a meal you both loved on your last vacation together. Not much of a cook? Keep it simple by making pizzas or fondue that you can share together.



We would all love to spend Valentine’s Day being pampered at the spa however a day at the spa isn’t the most affordable date. You can always check out voucher sites to see if you can get a good deal but for an even cheaper option bring the spa home with you. Make DIY face masks using ingredients from the kitchen and enjoy a long hot bubble bath. Turn it into a romantic spa night by giving each other massages, it is Valentine’s Day after all.




Get competitive this Valentine’s Day and challenge your other half to a game night. Dig out your old board games from like scrabble and monopoly, keep score and the looser can pay for take-out. If you want to get out of the house then hit the arcade, give yourself a budget and see who can get the most tokens or go head-to-head on air-hockey.




Get your favorite snacks together, don’t forget the chocolate and fizz, and head outside for a Valentine’s picnic. If it’s too cold to go outside then turn it into an indoor picnic; Throw a blanket down, build a fort, get some cushions and hang fairy lights for a romantic night in.





Get in the car and drive along the most scenic route you know or head out to a place you have never been. Just make sure you don’t forget the killer road trip playlist. Heading out for an evening date? Drive up to a high-point over the city or town where you live and look at the lights or drive away from the city lights so you can get a clear view of the stars. Take a blanket and a hot drink in a flask to keep you warm.




Go old-school with your date and go bowling. Bowling is a great date for when you just want to have fun together. Who doesn’t love a bit of light-hearted competition, cheap fries and beer? Ice-skating or roller skating are also great options for affordable dates that are sure to bring the laughs.




Everyone will be heading out in the evening so skip the fancy dinner date this Valentine’s Day and head out for a breakfast date instead. Breakfast more relaxed date and eating ‘avo and eggs’ or indulging in some syrup covered pancakes will get your Valentine’s Day off to a great start. Make it extra special by going for a bottomless brunch, who does want to start their day with unlimited mimosas?




So many dates are spent indoors at movie theaters, restaurants or even just binge-watching your favorite Netflix series so mix it up and head outside. The possibilities are endless for what you can do outside and best of all it’s free!  You can play in the snow, hit the beach, go for a walk in the woods, go hiking or go bike-riding depending on the weather in your area.



Going out to the hottest bars in town and enjoying a few cocktails can get pricey but going out for drinks doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Valentine’s Day is mid-week this year so you can find some great happy hours around town if you don’t mind getting up with a sore-head in the morning. Why not try a local dive bar for old school music, cheap drinks and a few games of pool.



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