What to get a guy for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend or Husband

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and once again we are stuck with what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s gifts filling the shop windows are often a little too cheese-y for our tastes let alone a guy. To save you from having to buy your man a ‘Be Mine’ teddy bear we have pulled together a collection of unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, husband and even the new guy from tinder.



New games and consoles can be expensive and your guy will likely to buy new release as soon as they come out so why not look for some old vintage games. See if you can track down his favourite console and a games from when he was younger for thoughtful and nostalgic gift. Plus you can both have fun playing it together.



Trade the standard gift of DVDs and Blu-rays for cinema vouchers; you can make this more than a regular cinema trip by getting vouchers for luxury or boutique cinema if you have one nearby. This will make it more exciting than your regular cinema dates and it will feel like a real valentines treat.



Is your guy always hitting the gym and loves a challenge? Why not book him onto an obstacle race like Spartan or Tough Mudder to embrace his competitive side. If you’re worried about signing him up for a race then book an assault course that you can do together. Spending an afternoon helping each other get through each obstacle is sure to bring the laughs and will make for a fun date.



A nice edition of one of his favourite books is a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for any guy who always has his nose in a book, bonus points if you can stretch a first or early edition. You can find some great deals at second hand bookstores if you have the time, if not an independent bookstore should have some great options. If you want to give this gift a more romantic feel then opt for a collection of poems or love letters.



Is your guy always watching sports? Getting tickets to watch his favorite team is a great gift for any sport fan. If he already attends a lot of games then you could get a stadium tour or a piece of sporting memorabilia, check local sports stores or fan groups on social media to snap up a good deal.



A cooking class is a great Valentine’s Day gift if your guy likes spending time in the kitchen. Not only will you both get chance to learn a new recipe but you can enjoy the food afterwards, what more could you want. If he loves food but struggles making anything more complicated than a grilled cheese then a taster menu or home baked treats are other great options.



If your guy is into his music then some vinyl or a print of his favorite album cover is a thoughtful Valentine’s gift that he will enjoy. Concert or gig tickets are also a really good gift if his favorite band or artist is touring this year, you could even turn it into a weekend away if they aren’t touring nearby.



If your man loves to spend time outdoors then find a new nature spot which you can both visit together for a hike or getting out on the water is a thoughtful gesture. Exploring a new area together is a great way to spend quality time together, you can add a romantic touch by bring a picnic or making it a camping trip. Another great option is a print or photograph of a place that you often visit.



An adventure to a new place is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel. If you’re on a budget and can’t stretch to a weekend away then why not just make it a day trip to a nearby town or city which you have never visited before; you can still have just as much fun exploring a new place without having to travel far.



Deciding what to get the new guy in life is tough one, especially if you have just started dating and haven’t had the talk yet. If you’ve only been seeing the guy for a few months then you can most likely get away with not giving a gift but you risk an awkward moment if he goes all out with the gifts. If you’re not sure if you are exchanging gifts then have a back-up gift on hand such as Starbucks vouchers, candy or a bottle of his favorite booze, that way you can always enjoy it if you don’t give it to him.


 If you still can’t find everything to get for your guy this Valentine’s Day treat yourself to something from our Valentines Collection. Looking hot in a new dress or some lace lingerie can be your gift to him.

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