The 8 Stages of Dry January

The last weekend of January has arrived and you’ve almost made it! If you were one of the many who attempted Dry January then you can finally start looking forward to a well-earned glass of wine. Congratulations! You’ll probably also recognize many of these moments from the past month…

1. Big expectations

You’re going to be thinner, healthier, more energetic, spend all your weekends productively instead of recovering from hangovers… This January is literally going to be the best month of all time.

2. New Year’s Eve doesn’t count…

Midnight has passed but January doesn’t start until you’ve slept, right? <Opens another bottle of Prosecco>

3. Confusion sets in

Ok you’ve started. But wait… so what are the plans for this weekend then? And how many days are in January?!

4. First day back at work

You’d forgotten what life was like pre-Christmas. It’s not as fun as you remember. Why is work so stressful?! You suspect you’re not going to make it through the month.

5. Blue Monday hits

It’s called Blue Monday for a reason… you’re definitely not going to make it through the month!

6. The cheeky slip up

You completely forgot about your plan and accidentally ordered a glass of wine with dinner. Oops! From this point you either throw in the towel (probably most of us!) or try to pretend it didn’t happen and carry on…

7. The dramatic struggle to the end

If you’re still going by the last week of January then we salute you. It’s been tough going, but let’s face it – you can’t afford anything until payday anyway!

8. Celebrations

You made it! Well done you. Now you’re planning to make up for lost time and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it!


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