Where We Are Dreaming of Travelling to in 2018

It’s January, it’s cold, we have no money, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming. Now is the time to book a holiday,  the flight sales are on and life is too short. We’re compiled a list of places on our travel bucketlist for 2018, because let’s be honest we all need something to look forward to.


Crystal clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches and steeped in history, the Greek Islands are nothing short of paradise and an Instagrammers heaven.

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Because who doesn’t want to eat garlicky snails and French bread whilst looking out over the beautiful Eiffel Tower and drinking wine.

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Who doesn’t want to see pretty pink flamingos chilling on a beach whilst you relax with a Pina Colada?

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Deserted beaches, rice terraces and world heritage sites all come together to create the magical Philippines, is it on your list?

Lake Hillier, Australia

It’s pink. It has a sandy beach. It’s in Australia, who would you take to this magical place?

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Sorrento, Italy

Pizza and wine, in the sunshine with colorful houses and the prettiest coastline we have ever seen. We’re booking it.

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