The Stars of Dawson’s Creek – 20 Years On

Throwback to the 90’s – Dawson’s Creek is celebrating its 20th anniversary! If this teen drama gripped you back in 1998 then you’ll be wondering how 20 years have passed. And if you missed out first time round then you can binge-watch all six seasons on Netflix (but be warned – there’s a hell of a lot of teenage angst to get through!) It’s a show that definitely belongs in the 90’s, but it did launch Michelle Williams into the Hollywood elite, so we thought we’d take a look at what all four of the show’s stars have been doing for the past 20 years and where they are now.

James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery)

He may have been the show’s star but since then he’s not been quite as successful as co-stars (or his Crying Dawson meme!)

He’s still been busy though, with some early success in teen football drama Varsity Blues and appearances in some classic ’00s shows – Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill. More recently he played Elijah Mundo in CSI: Cyber, had a leading role in British sitcom Carters Get Rich earlier this year, and is voicing the character of Boris Hauntley in the Disney Junior series Vampirina.

We also think he’s aged particularly well!

Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley)

Michelle Williams played Jen, the beautiful but troubled outsider who moved to town from the big city, and we’ve listed her next because she’s definitely had the most career success since the show.

She’s received 4 Oscar nominations for My Week with Marilyn, Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and Manchester By the Sea and her other big movies include Shutter Island and Oz the Great and Powerful. She’s also been seen on stage as the lead in Cabaret on Broadway, and won a Tony award for Best Actress in a Play for Blackbird. Most recently she’s been singing alongside Hugh Jackman in the musical film The Greatest Showman (and she actually has a pretty good voice!)

She’s basically way out of Dawson’s league these days.

Katie Holmes (Joey Potter)

Katie played Joey Potter – Dawson’s childhood BFF and main love interest, and since the show she’s also been a big success in Hollywood.

Ok it’s true, the main thing we remember is her marriage to Tom Cruise (2006 – 2012), but we also saw her in movies such as Phone Booth with Colin Farrell. And we can’t forget her role as Rachel Dawes in blockbuster Batman Begins (even if she didn’t return for the rest of the trilogy). Last year she reprised her role as Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys: After Camelot, and has also turned her hand to directing movies, with All We Had in 2016.

Honestly though, she’ll always be Joey Potter to us!

Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter)

The Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle was eveything, and we were always on Team Pacey. But what has he been up to since?

Well he’s been busy with movies such as Scream 2, Cruel Intentions and Gossip. And remember when he popped up in a cameo as himself in Ocean’s Eleven?! He was in a relationship with Diane Kruger for ten years too, but this sadly came to an end in 2016. Most recently he has been playing Cole Lockhart in the Golden Globe winning show The Affair, which is due to return for a fourth season in June 2018.

So will you be bringing the 90’s back watching the Dawson’s Creek box set this weekend?

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