Fun Ways To Work-Out In LA Without Going To The Gym

We’re 10 days into the New Year and how many of you are already bored of going to the gym? (And how many of you haven’t even started going yet because the effort is REAL) Why not switch up yesterday’s legs, bums & tums class for something a lot more fun and exciting? We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to work out in LA without going to the gym to give you slackers some inspiration!


Rooftop Yoga + Brunch + Shopping

Now this may be the ultimate way to spend your day, doing the 3 things we all love the most? FLOW & FLAVOR is a 75 minute rooftop yoga class with “sound off” headphones led by top LA instructors accompanied by dreamy beats by guest DJ’s. Brunch offers 50+ delicious vendors with selections from ‘detox’ to ‘real naughty’. Once Brunch is over you can explore a unique collection of stylish pop-up shops to fulfill those shopping desires.


Glow Trampolining

Everyone loves getting creative with a bit of UV paint. Why not combine neon colors and trampolining for the ultimate Friday night? Jump and GLOW allows you to jump and dance with laser lights, fog and a live DJ! Now this definitely sounds more fun than 30 mins on the cross trainer.



Rock Climbing In The Dark

Rock Climbing within itself is a pretty cool form of exercise that  many of us completely forget about. But unlike most climbing gyms, Stronghold Climbing Gym encourages members to bring their headlamps! You’ll climb in the dark whilst playing games like Twista and giant Jenga whilst DJ’s play and disco lights light up the room!  (I think a pattern is occurring here… turn off the lights and basic work-outs become 10x better)


Naked Yoga

Not a fan of yoga pants and sports bra’s? Leave them at home. Recommended for the adventurous who love to try something out of the ordinary, naked yoga really takes you back to the basics by revealing all. Yoga focuses on your mind and well-being and what better way to relieve stress and feel free than whipping off your kit and getting into the downward dog. Yes its co-ed, yes there are 1:1 sessions and yes, this is a real thing.


Cirque School

Was running away with the circus one of your child-hood dreams? Soaring high in front of large crowds and dressing in sequins and feathers? Why not try Cirque School where you will learn all the basics of circus performing! They pride themselves on creating a community for ‘Anybody with Any Body, a diverse group with a wide range of ages and skill’ so you won’t feel like the odd one out!


Sing While You Cycle

If you’re quite fond of spin/cycle classes but find it boring and repetitive then this one is definitely for you. Check out Crunch Gym’s Cycle Karaoke. You’ll still burn all the calories you intend to during the interval bike training but you’ll also be able to get your Beyonce on! Ah-may-zing.

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