Bad Beauty Habits You’ll Want to Kick in 2018

You may have already decided your personal goals for the New Year, but there’s never a bad time to kick your bad beauty habits. Change some of these in 2018 and your skin and hair will definitely thank you for it!

Not getting regular cuts

Bad beauty habits - not cutting hair

Even if you’re growing it, regular cuts are essential for keeping your hair healthy and strong. Long mermaid locks still need regular trims, with experts recommending every 8-12 weeks. Don’t put it off any longer – get your haircuts booked in for the whole year!

Not washing your pillowcase

Bad beauty habits - wash pillow

Your skin comes into contact with your pillowcase every single night, so it’s important to wash it regularly. If you’re not changing your pillowcase every 2 days then you’re not washing it enough, experts say. (Confession, we’re falling behind on this one, and it’s definitely the grossest habit we’re kicking this year!)

Sleeping with makeup on

Bad beauty habits - sleeping in makeup

We all know we shouldn’t be doing this, but somehow it still happens. Next time you’re too tired to bother removing your makeup, just consider the bacteria, clogged pores, irritated eyes and potential breakouts that you’re risking… and remember that it can all be avoided by spending just 5 minutes removing it all.

Not wearing enough SPF

Bad beauty habits - no SPF

SPF isn’t just for summer – you should be wearing it every day, all year round to protect your skin from the damaging and aging effects of the sun. Only one of your daily skincare products needs to have SPF, but the recommendation is that you wear SPF 30 as a minimum, even if it isn’t a sunny day.

Ignoring your chipped nail polish

Bad beauty habits - chipped nails

Get into the habit of removing tired and chipped nail polish. Even bare nails look better than untidy ones so make it your resolution to grab the nail polish remover at the first sign of chipped polish. And don’t be tempted to pick at the polish as you’ll be unintentionally removing layers of nail cells.

Not cleaning your brushes

Bad beauty habits - not cleaning brushes

Aim to wash your brushes twice a week to avoid bacteria building up and being transferred to your face. Your skin will thank you for it!

Touching your face too often

Bad beauty habits - touching face

Touching your face is another way to spread bacteria and cause potential breakouts, so make a conscious effort to stop doing this during the day. And you’ve probably not considered this, but you really should be washing your hands with soap before using them to cleanse your face at night!

Not drinking enough water

Bad beauty habits - drink more water

Drinking plenty of water flushes out  the body’s toxins and bacteria and is guaranteed to help you achieve younger-looking skin. Are you drinking 8 glasses a day? If not, make it your new goal.

Working out in makeup

Bad beauty habits - workout

As well as taking off your makeup at bedtime, you should also be doing this every time you exercise. This could be a tough one if you enjoy flirting with that hot guy at the gym, but remember that makeup covers your pores and congests your skin when you you sweat. You’re risking breakouts and skin irritation every time you do this…

Over exfoliating

Bad beauty habits - exfoliation

We know that exfoliation is a great way to get rid of older skin cells and achieve glowing skin, but exfoliating too often or vigorously can do more harm than good. Be gentle, and if you notice excessive redness or dryness then you need to use a less abrasive product or maybe cut down on how regularly you scrub.

Over processing your hairBad beauty habits - overprocessed hair

Another one that we all know about, but we’re also guilty of. Too much shampoo, heat and styling damages your hair, so make it your 2018 goal to cut back, and always use heat protector products when applying heat! Click here for some great tips on maintaining healthy hair during the winter.

Which of these habits are you guilty of, and will you be trying to kick them this year?

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