Fashion Trends From 2017 You Either Love or Hate

2017 was a very interesting year for fashion. Some styles we’re praying are here to stay, some we can work with and others just incredibly strange! Here are our favorites out of all the questionable fashion we’ve seen throughout the year.


Many celebrities went for a more revealing style during 2017 in the form of the underboob crop, including Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid. Will these extreme crop tops and dresses take over the original V neck cut or will it even last past 2018? Let us know what you think!

Double Denim

Double denim has been around for decades but even more style icons have been rocking it the past year, showing even more ways of styling it, including over the knee denim boots with a matching jacket. Still unsure whether you can pull it off? Check out our guide to staying stylish with double denim.

Perspex heelsPerspexheels

Inspired by the 90s, Perspex boots and heels were probably the most unusual shoe to enter the fashion world in 2017. There’s no need to be afraid of wearing this daring style as it can be worn in more subtle ways with a simple Perspex strap detailing if you’re not brave enough to go all out in full on plastic coated shoes.

Oversized T Shirts As Dresses


This was one of the comfiest and easiest trends of the year as it’s as simple as just throwing on an oversized mens T-shirt and you’re good to go. Band Tees have been the most popular style of t shirt when it comes to this trend as seen on many fashionistas at Coachella. If you’re not a fan of the shapeless look then all you need is a simple black waist belt.

Faux Fur Shoes


Did you even leave the house in 2017 if you didn’t see at least one person in fluffy sliders? Thanks to the Rihanna and Puma collaboration, faux fur shoes popped up many times over the year. This is probably one of the most controversial and unusual trends but if Rihanna loves it then we’re willing to give it a go!


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