5 New Fitness Trends To Try Out In 2018

Improving your fitness or starting a new exercise is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. However the majority of us join a gym in January and by February are bored of the repetitive work out routines. The trick to getting fit and enjoying it is finding the right form of exercise for you. And 9 times out of 10 this wont be the treadmill. We’ve compiled our 5 favorite fitness trends of 2018 for you to have a go at. There’s something for everyone and we’re sure you’ll be a lot more motivated to start (and carry on!)



Boxing was a massive trend of 2017 and its popularity is continuing to rise
through to 2018.  Boxing is also a favorite of celebs with the likes of Jourdan Dunn taking to the ring in order to keep fit. There’s no better exercise to tone up your arms and relieve stress at the same time!




While yoga has been on the fitness trends list for numerous years, it is another form of exercise which continues to climb in fitness fashion. Many believe this is because yoga can be refreshed and reinvented in many ways and there is no shortage of styles to choose from. It is also classed as an exercise for the mind as well as the body and supports with mental clarity and stress management. It’s a win win from us!


Hula Hooping

The last time we picked up a hula hoop, we were probably wearing frilly ankle socks and had our hair in pig tails. However this is apparently THE exercise to tone your tummy, not to mention you can pick one up for under $10. Why not try out 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening and see how it goes! Michelle Obama and Beyonce are two women who have both credited the hoop, and whatever they say goes, right.



Exercising With Pets

Whether it means going for a run with your dog or going to a cat yoga session, pets are apparently going to become the fitness staple of 2018. There are more and more pet-fitness studio’s cropping up so keep your eyes and ears peeled! And I know this is music to everyone’s ears – what a great form of motivation!


Functional Fitness

Think of functional training as every-day-jobs, whether it means carrying your food shopping home instead of getting the bus. Or squatting when you bend down to pick something up. Functional training allows you to enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living. It’s about feeling better in everyday areas of your life – not just in the gym. And we can all give this ago!

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