7 Movies Every Disney Fan Needs to Watch at Christmas

The Holidays are the best time of year to curl up with a classic movie, and we’re not embarrassed to say that Disney movies are some of our favorites. (And if they’re set at Christmas or in the snow, even better!) Here are our top picks for magical Christmas Disney movies to watch this winter:

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

This movie is the perfect follow up to the original Disney Beauty and the Beast! In case you’re wondering how there’s sequel with the Prince still a Beast, it’s a flashback to the Christmas before the spell was broken. Belle and the Beast were just starting to fall in love and it’s full of snow, magic, and a new villain who is determined to stop the happy ending. Plus the Christmas decorations all sing and dance! What’s not to love?


It’s not a Christmas Disney movie list without our favorite Ice Queen turning the kingdom of Arendelle into a magical Winter Wonderland. Get ready to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and enjoy the perfect snow-filled movie.

Lady and the Tramp

It may be an old one, but we can’t help loving it! Most of this timeless Disney classic isn’t set during the Holidays, but it does begin with presents on Christmas morning and ends with a festive family gathering. And we don’t really need an excuse to cozy up with a cute dog-filled movie.

Muppet Christmas Carol

This festive classic made the list because technically The Muppets are now owned by Disney. Plus it’s one of our fave Christmas movies to watch every year – definitely the best version of A Christmas Carol ever!

Beauty & the Beast (Live Action)

Live action Beauty and the Beast was one of our fave movies of 2017, and the enchanted castle, stunning ballgowns and snowy scenes make it perfect for watching over the Holidays. So romantic and so magical!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s not your average Disney film, but one that non-Disney fans will probably love too! There aren’t too many films that are perfect for watching at Halloween AND at Christmas…


Ok so this one isn’t actually a Disney movie, but it might as well be! Anastasia is so underrated, and we just love the story of the lost Russian princess trying to find her family. It’s full of romance, glamour, plenty of snow and some amazing songs too.

So who’s having a Disney duvet day this weekend then?!

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