5 Minutes With Simply Be’s Product Executive…

This week we’re catching up with our product executive Hannah to get the low down in her role here at Simply Be HQ.


What is your job title and what does it entail? 

I’m a product executive which means I’m responsible for all things product related! This ranges from keeping up to date with the latest trends, monitoring what our competitors are doing and choosing appropriate product for each of our international territories.

How did you land the role? 

I have a background in Buying, I studied it at university and worked as an assistant buyer prior to working here.

What is your favorite part of the job? 

My favorite part of the job are the more creative aspects, such as creating bespoke 10 page mailers, this involves choosing which products to feature,  designing the layout, and writing copy. I also enjoy getting out and doing store visits where I check out what’s going on in the market. Once I compile my trend research I then feed this back to my team.

What is your proudest achievement whilst working at N Brown? 

Contributing to the first US specific campaign which was shot in Seattle! My input was choosing the product to be featured and arranging the samples for the models to wear.

Your usual work day in 3 words…

💖  Busy

💖  Fast

💖  Diverse

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