The 5 Cyber Shoppers You Will Know So Well

Now that Cyber week is coming to a close we thought we’d do a shout out to the 5 shoppers who you will have definitely come across, maybe you’re even one yourself. Recognize anyone?

Bargain Britney

With BARGAIN imprinted in her brain, Britney has spent hours looking at different retailers seeing which has the best deals. She’s got enough coupons and online codes for the whole community, going out for dinner? Britney’s got a 40% off code for your meal. She will definitely find the lowest price in town or if she’s online, the world!

Impulsive Izzie

Izzie will see bed sheets for $500 but think it’s perfectly rational because its Egyptian cotton and you will never find bedding like this anywhere else! ‘Just feel how soft it is’. In her mind, purchases like these will be the most sensible decision she’s ever made… until she wakes up to a home theater, three dogs and $3,000 worth of debt.

Negotiating Nancy

No price is set in stone. EVERYTHING is up for negotiation. Even if there is a 60% off discount, Nancy will push it further. She spends hours of her day shopping battling with every single salesperson and she will win, Nancy always wins.

Loyal Lucy

Lucy buys everything and we mean EVERYTHING from the same store. She’s collected 15 discount codes and 4 membership cards from that one store. She’s even greeted by the staff by her first name when she enters the store, like it’s the norm.

On a Mission Molly

Molly couldn’t think of anything worse than spending her whole day shopping. She drives to the mall, makes her purchase and is home within 31 minutes and 47 seconds. She knows what she wants and she’s not letting anyone interfere with her record time. If you’re walking in front of Molly and stop to browse a shop window, you’ve made a terrible mistake.

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