5 Minutes With Kayla Jane…

We caught up with one of our fave models Kayla Jane who appeared in our winter campaign to get the 411 on what life as models is like.

How did you land the role of being a model? 

I started thinking about modelling while I was taking a semester off from college and doing an internship in NYC. I was really unsure of what I wanted to do in my life and my boss at the time asked me if I ever thought of modelling. As I looked into modelling i found out that the curve industry was in high demand! I started looking at agencies and preparing my digital to begin submitting. The first time I submitted I didn’t hear back from any agencies. I thought about giving up on it but decided to give it a few months and resubmit.

The second time I followed up my online submission with emails to the head of curve and I was invited in the very next week.

What is your favorite part of the job? 

Every day as a model includes meeting new and interesting people! I find that everyone has a little piece of wisdom to give and if you take that advice in it can really make you grow as an individual.

What is your proudest achievement? 

My proudest achievement has to be my confidence! I’ve struggled with being confident in myself my whole life. No matter my size or how clear my skin was, I would always find something wrong with myself.

Since modelling i’ve really began embracing my imperfections and realizing that those “imperfections” are what make me who I am. It’s been a journey but with the support of other curvy models and my agent i;m the happiest and most confident i’ve ever been!

Your usual work day in 3 words…

💖 Hair

💖 Make-up

💖 Slay

Who inspires your style? 

I would say that everyone I pass on the street inspires my style in one way or another. Living in NYC you see people expressing themselves through fashion every day. I find these people to be the most authentic and that’s where I like to grab new style ideas from!

Who empowers you? 

I’m empowered by my parents who have made so many sacrifices for me and continue to support me as i work towards my modelling dream. I’m also empowered by all of the beautiful and intelligent woman in the curve industry who are using their voices to shine light on the diversity of beauty.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into modelling? 

My piece if advice to anyone wanting to get into modelling is to be true to yourself and know the amount of work you need to put in. The first and most important, is to know yourself. The modelling industry is a tough place and you really need to be confident in yourself so that you’re able to take advice and grow rather than get discouraged. It’s also a competitive industry! A lot of girls want to model and I encourage everyone to follow their dreams but know that you’re going to have to put an incredible amount of work in!

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