10 Stages of Black Friday

We’re all going to get together and we’re gonna go… SHOPPING!

1. The Game Plan

You’ve been looking through all of your favorite stores for weeks, adding the hottest lines to your wishlist in preparation. You need to rule out any added stress, you need a plan b for plan a and a plan c for plan b!

2. The Waiting Game

Whether you wait until midnight after your Thanksgiving feast or you set an early alarm, you wait patiently for deals to go live.

3. Dropping Everything

You wake up and drop any sign of a morning regime in a mad dash for your laptop or the door, emergency sunglasses to the rescue!

4. So Many Thoughts

You’re heading straight to your wishlist or queuing to get in store. What will happen? What if someone else has already got what I want? Will there be enough left? Will I miss out on everything? And what do I do about toilet breaks?!

5. Fend for Yourself

The doors have finally opened and the website homepages have refreshed, you arrange a meeting point in case you separate from your group. It’s now or never, GO GO GO!

6. The Kimmy K Breakdown

Either your webpage has crashed due to the amount of people on it or someone has taken the last thing you needed on your list, cue the tantrum…

 7. When you spot something new

You can’t believe you hadn’t noticed it until now, breakdown over, gimme gimme gimme

8. The happiness stage

You’ve got everything you want and finally reach the tills or checkout online. First Black Friday purchase done!

9. Refuel

You’ve not even thought about eating or drinking yet, it’s time to refuel before heading to your next store.

10. Finding another amazing offer

Your day gets even better when you realize Simply Be are offering amazing deals all weekend long! Head over to our site now to grab them in time!


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