Everything You Need to Know About Stranger Things Season 2

The Setting

We will back in the 80’s with season two set in October 1984, roughly a year after the events of the first season. Ghostbusters, Dragon’s Lair and, of course, Eggo’s will be making an appearance this season.

Will is Back

With Will disappearing into the Upside Down so early on in the first season we didn’t get to know him the way we did with the other characters. From the trailers we can see that Will has understandably been mentally and physically (that coughed up slug at the end of season one didn’t look like a good sign) affected by his time in the parallel universe.  It is clear that he still has a strong connection with that world as he is the one who get a first glimpse at the monster and looks to transport back to the Upside Down. Will is going to be a key player this season and we can’t wait.

Eleven is Still Alive

Eleven vanished as the end of season one however we had high hopes for her return after we saw Hooper leaving her beloved Eggo’s in the woods. Netflix has since released images and trailers of Eleven escaping from the Upside Down but her story line for this season has been a closely guarded secret causing all the more intrigue. Is she ok? Where has she been?  Where is she going? Will she meet her Mom? When will she be reunited Mike and the gang?

The New Monster

In the trailer we see Will having visions of the Upside Down and a spidery shadow creature in the sky which has been referred to “The Shadow Monster.” If you thought the Demogorgon was terrifying then you might need a pillow to hide behind this season as the unknown creature plaguing Hawkins look to be even more disturbing.

The Scare Factor

Prepare to be scared this Halloween weekend, in an interview with People, Finn Wolfhard described season two as “a lot more horror-oriented.” The trailers have definitely hinted towards a darker and more disturbing storyline this season with more action than the first; not only are the characters still dealing with the events of last season, they now have an even more terrifying monster to deal with. And lets not forget about the Upside Down, we only saw snippets last season but there is certainly more to uncover in this horror-filled parallel world and its inhabitants. Anyone else secretly glad they didn’t grow up in Hawkins during the 80’s?

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