20 Halloween Ideas We’re Obsessed With

We’re getting serious Halloween vibes over in Simply Be HQ! If you’re like us and literally can’t wait, check out this list of amazing Halloween ideas that we just can’t get enough of.

1. Floating ice hand

Your Halloween punch really needs this floating ice hand. Simply fill a plastic glove with water, tie the top and freeze! Then remove the glove when you’re ready to add it to your punch bowl.

2. IT Pennywise makeup for girls

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IT was probably the scariest movie of the year so you’ll be seeing a lot of clowns this Halloween. We love this sexy twist though.

3. Cute Halloween treats


4. Duo costumes with pets

gameofthrones costume

Every Khaleesi needs her dragons. (Image via Pungen)

5. Unicorn cakes for Halloween

The most instagrammed cake design gets a Halloween makeover. Love!

6. No-carve pastel pun-kins

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We couldn’t love these any more!

7. Melting skull makeup

8. Zombie brains

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The perfect shooters for your Halloween party.

9. Creepy Gothic decor

So creepy yet so beautiful.

10. Poison nails

Our fave nail art for Halloween.

11. Halloween donuts!

Any excuse.

12. Spooky hair accessories

This is happening.

13. Syringe cupcakes

Why do these gruesome cupcakes look so yummy?

14. Spooky Oreo pops

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Trick or treat!

15. Pumpkin food porn

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Someone cook this for us now!

16. Next-level Wonder Woman

If you’re not considering a Wonder Woman costume are you even in 2017?

17. This pie

Pie perfection.

18. Stranger Things

The perfect costume if you love Halloween AND pink.

19. Halloween chic

We want our party to be seriously stylish.

20. Mini pumpkin garlands

Because mini pumpkins are just too cute!

If this got you in the spooky spirit, why not go shopping for some Halloween-inspired outfits?

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