The Sneakers That Have The Whole Internet Arguing Over What Color They Are!

The Debate

Remember the striped dress that had everyone debating over whether it was blue and black or white and gold? Well here’s another conundrum to debate over! The internet is split over what color these sneakers really are!







How The Debate Started

The confusion arose when Facebook user Nicole Coulthard received a compliment on her mum’s new blue sneakers. This then prompted Nicole to post an image of the sneakers on a closed group Girlsmouth, and wrote ‘Ok girls so my friend has just sent me this asking what color the shoe is, I would say pale pink and white, but she insists its pale blue and gray. ‘What do you girls see? Please tell me pink and white!’

Since the post in the closed Facebook group, thousands of people have commented, and opinions are split over what color the sneakers really are!

Do you see grey and aqua or pink and white when you look at these sneakers?  I see gray and aqua but our office is divided, comment which one you see!

Why Some People See Different Colors

So back in 2015 when we were all arguing over what color the dress was, an explanation as to why some of us see color differently was given by twitter user Alex Rexford. In a nutshell the color your eyes see depends on how sensitive they are to light. When looking at something the brain has to avoid seeing the color of the light reflecting off an object. Some peoples eyes are more sensitive to light, where as some people’s are less sensitive- this is where the difference in what color we see comes in to play.

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