No Tricks Just Treats with these 6 Halloween Pajamas!

It’s almost Halloween! Today’s Friday 13th so things officially get spooky from now onwards! However you’re choosing to get in the spirit of things, at least one night should be dedicated to a scary movie marathon in front of the TV in your pajamas!

What To Watch

Obviously you need a good selection of films, you can check out some suggestions here. If horror films really aren’t your thing, then there is always one of my all-time favourite cult classics Hocus Pocus! Which by the way is getting remade by Disney! However the remake will not include the original terrible trio of witches played by SJP, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy! Or you could binge watch some episodes of the Originals!

What To Wear

Once you’ve got the line-up of what you’re going to watch sorted, along with a load of candy for the trick or treaters (joke it’s mainly for you- movie snacks are necessary!) you need something comfy to wear!

Check out these Halloween inspired pajamas below:

Glitter Gown   Star Print Pants   Embroidered Fleece Sweater  Halloween Cat Slippers

BOO Halloween Pajamas   Plush Mule Slippers

Haunt It Pajama Set   Spider Slippers

Star Print Gown   Printed Jersey Twosie   Star Knitted Booties

High Waist Leggings  Halloween Sweater  Glitter Leggings

Star Print Pants   Cowl Neck Jumper  Star Mule Slipper

So now you’ve got your Halloween night in covered, here’s some clothing suggestions for when you’re brave enough to venture out the house!

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